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   Zinio is a leading provider of digital and interactive publishing products and services. They provide marketing and distribution of all printed material including popular magazines, non-fiction books, text books, catalogs, newsletters, album inserts and research. Zinio delivers over 1,500 top magazine titles worldwide. They also offer digital format on all their printed material to publishers and advertisers. They also distribute and sell their printed publications digitally, to be read online, offline or accessed via various mobile devices.  

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Search for the latest Zinio coupon codes to save the most money possible on different printed materials. With Zinio promotional codes, you can access these wonderful reading materials in digital format, without the need of paying much.

Zinio Coupon Codes Make Future of Magazine Reading More Accessible

By Alexis Andrews
August 24, 2009

Okay. So there's already Amazon's Kindle, a pioneering software and hardware platform for reading digital books. But what about the future of magazines in the digital age? Surely, magazines are among the next in the line of media products that have to make the transition from paper to the Web. In today's market, there are about a billion print magazine copies delivered every year in the U.S. alone! However, the times and technologies may require a new revolutionized reading experience.

The answer might just come in the form of Zinio. Haven't heard of it? It is a new digital magazine publishing service that offers a complete solution for readers of today's generation who want their print editions transformed into an interactive digital form. Like with traditional published media, with Zinio you can turn one digital page after the next, navigate easily, and have the same full-color layout and design of your favorite titles recast into a digital format. You can even use Zinio coupon codes to slash the prices off your subscriptions. Unlike with print copies, with Zinio you can zoom in and zoom out with a simple mouse scroll - among many other amazing features.

Comic books, magazines, classics, cook books, text books, coffee table books, travel stories and collections, and other content-heavy media products and publications: Zinio has an impressive library of all these, which you can access easily with a simple search button. It's that easy to connect to digital - not to mention, interactive - content. And it's also that immersive. This is because Zinio combines the best features of traditional and online publishing into a solution that's unlike any other. Turn a page of National Geographic with a click of a mouse. Read through an ad in Time that morphs into a video. Click the name of the celebrity in Vanity Fair whom you would want to know more about. Read the latest issue of Rolling Stone at your favorite café, using your laptop or iPhone. Subscribe to The Economist using coupon codes without having to cut them from a news clipping or a magazine insert. With Zinio, you don't just read the magazine. You experience it, in the best way that tradition and digital technology can possibly make. And that's without having to purchase a special mobile reading device, like Amazon's Kindle requires.

The magazines at Zinio also allow you to share anything that you may have found interesting. Yes, you can spread the word, the digital word! With the "Share This" option, Zinio makes it possible to E-mail digital magazine and publication content to a friend. Or you can post it on your Facebook wall, even Tweet it in 140 characters or less.

Zinio is gaining popularity due in large part to readers becoming more receptive to on-screen or even mobile phone reading. The company has about 5 million customers worldwide, 3 million e-magazines and text books every month, and a catalog of over 1,700 magazines and 30,000 books available for downloading. With Zinio coupon codes, these figures might shoot even farther up.

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Zinio Coupon Codes Make Future of Magazine Reading More Accessible

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