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   Zales is a leading diamond store in the U.S. Whether it's for a wedding, anniversary, engagement, or mother's day, Zales has every jewelry you need for your special someone. Zales also offers a collection of diamond products at great value. You can also design your own rings with thousands of settings to design the ring of your dreams. Zales offers rings, necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets, and pendants. They also offer various styles for every jewelry, including accessories bridal sets, gemstones, chains, wedding bands, lockets, and more. You can also find leading brands for watches, including DKNY, Fossil, Seiko, Casio, Ed Hardy and many more.
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Buy every jewelry you need at Zales without spending much. Simply make use of Zales coupon codes and you'll definitely save the most money possible. With discounts and online deals, you'll sure get additional savings when you shop at Zales.

Getting engaged is easy and affordable with Zales promotional codes

By Marian Shepard
January 05, 2010

When my husband's best friend Clark was getting ready to propose to his girl friend, it seemed to take him forever. It wasn't that he was having second thoughts or cold feet, he was obsessed with the idea of a perfect ring. It took my husband's support and Zales promotional codes, as well as the conniving of friends, to pull off the perfect proposal that he wanted and that his now-fiancé, Mandy, would never forget.

Clark had been poring over engagement ring designs in secret for a couple of months before he finally confessed to my husband that there was no possible way that there was a ring good enough for Mandy that he could afford. Ever the good best friend, my husband showed him our favorite web source for online coupon codes, which luckily included some which were for some of the best jewelry stores on the net.

"What's your budget?" my husband casually asked his best friend, and then politely refrained from rolling his eyes when Clark told him he hadn't really thought about it. Yes, the man had a wedding date in mind, but had no idea what his budget for an engagement ring would be.

So my husband and his best friend spent the better part of that Sunday afternoon in our den, crunching the numbers and coming up with a proper financial plan that would allow Clark to make comfortable payments on a ring. It wasn't too hard, as the Zales promotional codes he and my husband had found online significantly lowered the price of several beautiful choices for Mandy's engagement ring.

After that, it was a time for Clark to brush up on his knowledge on diamonds and metals. My husband surprised even me, walking him though the four Cs of diamond value (cut, clarity, color, and carat) with a significant amount of expertise. When I asked how he knew these things, he gave me a knowing wink and said that every man does significant research on rings and diamonds when they seriously want to propose - he had discovered an interest in the gems when he was looking for my engagement ring, almost twelve years ago.

After the briefing, the boys went back online and Clark discovered that the Zales website allowed for the customization of engagement rings. Like kids in a candy store, he and my husband looked over selection after selection, compared it to the rings they had created via the custom tool, and compared them endlessly. There was also the matter of budget, which kept them on their toes the entire time. I'm willing to bet good money that Clark was mighty grateful for the Zales coupon code that they had when he made the decision to finally purchase a ring.

A month after the ring was delivered, I was on the phone with an ecstatic Mandy, who kept saying that Clark had found the "most amazing, most perfect, most beautiful ring ever". I just smiled at Clark's best friend who sat across the table from me, sharing the memory of that secret Sunday search.

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