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Effortlessly Become A Wine Expert Without Draining Your Cash With Promo Codes

By Paul Andrew M. Sandalwood
July 29, 2009

Nothing zeroes in on sophistication better than having a familiarity with wine like a sommelier (even the name sounds stylish), or a wine steward. A wine enthusiast and a wine steward are two completely different personalities, and most people I know prefer to be regarded as one of the latter because of the aura of elegance and refinement it brings.

The next question would be how do I become a sommelier since it means drinking lots of fine wine and fine wines cost a lot of money? This is where promo codes come in. Using these can give you access to the finest wines available without wreaking havoc to your budget. Now, it all adds up, right? You’re on your way, future sommelier!

A wine steward is called such since he or she is very much knowledgeable about wine that you will be surprised how complex these vintage drinks are. Nevertheless, the first step to become a wine expert is learning how to taste wines like a pro. On a similar note, if you want to become a professional spirit and wine shopper, start availing of wine and spirits promo codes.

Although our tongues can absorb a plethora of tastes at one time, it is only limited to identify four key tastes particularly sweet, salty, sour and bitter. However, the sense of smell is also a vital component in wine tasting since it is through the combination of aromas and tastes that we can determine flavors. Equally, when you combine promo codes with shopping smarts, you’ll have a taste of the best wines everyday without overspending!

Before actually tasting the wine, you must first distinguish its clarity. To do this, pour an ample amount of your favorite vintage and gently angle your glass a few degrees. Red and white wines go beyond their usual color descriptions. Red wines can have crimson, maroon and even brownish hues. Likewise, white wines can have tones of yellow, amber and gold.

The wine’s opacity can tell a lot about its taste, smell and even its crispness. Regardless of its color, wines can be translucent, opaque, watery and solid upon closer examination. Some varieties of wines are clearer than others, while a few are also darker than some types. Older red wines, those that have aged more than five to ten years, are generally clearer than younger red wines.

Swirling the glass and inhaling directly over the rim of the glass can give you an idea of the wine’s general smell. Some of the wine’s alcohol content is vaporized while it is being swirled, releasing more of its natural aromas. Now try to take a whiff just below the rim of the glass. The more complex aromas are now available for your smelling pleasure. Hints of vanilla, cinnamon, oak and even rose can be detected.

And now comes the tasting part. Tasting wine involves three stages: the attack, evolution and finish phases. The attack phase gives you an idea of the overall taste of the wine. The actual taste of the wine on your palate is presented during the evolution phase, while the finish exhibits how long the flavor lasts after it is ingested. You’ll just have to use promo codes to stock up on excellent wine for further exploratory adventures!

Wines are so complex, it takes familiarity and skill to identify the multitude of distinctive tastes and smells. While it may take dedication and fortitude to become a sommelier, the fruits of your effort can make your name synonymous to elegance and refinement. Equally, to make your name synonymous to practicality, start availing of discount coupons to stock up on the most superb goods without breaking your budget.

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