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By Marian Shepard
January 06, 2010

Wines are an enjoyable accompaniment to any meal, and thanks to several enterprising souls, have become a common addition to American tables. Some retailers have gone out of their way to educate the American palate on the appreciation of fine wines, and have made these delicious beverages more affordable as well. Today you will even find online promotions for even some of the finest bottles of Parisian or Italian origin, such as those offered by coupon codes.

Whole books, websites, and cooking shows have been dedicated to the enjoyment of vino, most of them trying to encourage people to let go of the snobbish image of wine drinking and to simply relax and taste it.

Wine lovers are urged by all the experts to buy whatever they like, and to enjoy it at their leisure. If you're a true student of the art of wine drinking, you probably have a couple of bottles lying around, but do you know if you're keeping your precious vintages in an optimum environment? Here are a few tips to keep your wines well-maintained while you wait for the perfect occasion to drink them.

Ideally, wine should be kept in a wine cellar, but since most modern homes don't have that, it is enough to store your wine in a cool, dry place that doesn't get much light. Bottles should be kept horizontally, with the wine touching the cork. This prevents air from coming into contact with the liquid. Once air gets into contact with the wine, oxidation occurs, making the wine bland, sour, and all in all unappealing.

So how long should you keep a bottle of wine? That's a tricky question - because it depends on the individual chemical makeup of the wine. It's age, sugar content, and even the ingredients that went into its making all affect the speed at which it goes bad. Wine, contrary to the popular saying, was never meant to age on a shelf, getting better as the years go by. It's meant to be drunk as soon as it leaves the brewery, or at least, as soon as it is opened.

The rule of thumb is that if it's in ideal conditions, a wine that has been purchased and stowed away for a special occasion will keep for up to a year. Wine that has been opened, however, is another story. Oxidation occurs at a much faster rate once the wine has been initially uncorked. Some say that after three days, wine that hasn't been drunk is so unpalatable that it should be discarded, but most people agree that it should be left up to the individual's tastes.

However, when serving wine to guests and are not sure if it kept or not while in storage, make sure that you taste the vintage first before decanting for your guests. It's also always a good idea to order a couple of extra bottles, just in case they had gone flat while you weren't looking. It's a way to avoid drinking bad wine with friends, and inexpensive as well, especially if you use coupon codes. As for the extra wine, you're certain to find a use for that anyway.

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