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WhiteSmoke 2009 is an advanced English writing software solution. Features include: grammar checker, style checker, spell checker, punctuation checker, and an English dictionary-thesaurus.

Be an Excellent Writer with WhiteSmoke Coupons

By LJ Ortega
August 31, 2009

If think you are a great writer but are sometimes discouraged by some language technicalities and difficulties such as grammar, syntax, and style, you will surely benefit from what the WhiteSmoke coupon codes have to offer. In no time at all, you will find that your writing would have greatly improved at the most convenient and affordable rate if you avail of the WhiteSmoke promotional codes.

WhiteSmoke is a breakthrough company that offers a computer software that is the best thing that ever happened to serious writers and beginning writers alike. A renowned world leader in English writing technologies, WhiteSmoke is known for its products that help enhance users' grammar, spelling, and writing style. Using products based on natural language processing (NLP) technology, the company features unique and patented text analysis using artificial intelligence algorithms.

The increasing global interactions brought about by the popularity of the Internet created a greater need for quality written communications, and that was how WhiteSmoke came about and immediately found its niche market. Since the company started providing valuable writing aides through its breakthrough language tools, millions of users worldwide have relied on WhiteSmoke products to ensure that their writing is clear and professional.

Part of WhiteSmoke's popularity is that its technologies are available through other channels, including browser-based editors and specialized OEM versions designed for integration with third party service providers. Moreover, WhiteSmoke software is also compatible with popular computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook as well as all other text-based programs. It has also has a new toolbar version for Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox, which brings WhiteSmoke straight to your browser and help you with your writing in every way it can.

You will surely get the best deals out of the amazing writing software, especially if you use WhiteSmoke coupons on your purchase. At the lowest price possible, you get instant access to a highly valuable writing tool that's equipped with amazing features such as grammar checker, style checker, punctuation checker, dictionary-thesaurus, letter templates, error explanations, English lessons, auto correct, and so much more.

Proving that it comes up with all possible tools to make writing most convenient to all users, WhiteSmoke has also developed a writing assistant program for people with dyslexia and other writing difficulties. It is the ultimate tool for struggling writers, helping them produce readable and error-free articles at home and in their workplace. Indeed, with WhiteSmoke's highly useful writing tools, anyone can be a better writer at not time and even be excellent at it.

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