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   Vitalicious promotes healthy lifestyle by offering delicious and healthy baked goods. The store features products that gives you maximum satisfaction with minimum calories, abd goods that are low fat and high in fiber and nutrients. They provide a variety of unique baked goods which are also sold at different stores nationwide. Vitalicious features their own line of bakes goods, which includes VitaTops, VitaBrownies, VitaMuffins, VitaCakes, and VitaMixes. They also offer bakeware, gifts, coffee, sugar-free products, and many more. Their products are composed of essential vitamins and minerals, which have been specifically chosen to help performance and to build strength and wellness.  

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Great Buys on Healthy and Low-Calorie Pastries with Vitalicious Coupons

By LJ Ortega
October 13, 2009

When I had time to think about things other than work during an idle time the other day, I suddenly realized that it had been more than five months since I had been in touch with a group of girl friends from my previous work.

This made me feel somehow guilty because I had been so engrossed with so many other activities with my other groups of friends as well as with my office peers for the past months that I completely forgot about my small group of girl friends who are otherwise known as the Health Junkies.

I'm really not into all that healthy eating stuff but I somehow jived with these health-conscious women from my previous work. I guess it's because we all loved to talk endlessly about everything and anything under the sun.

We usually spent hours after office in three-hour-long dinners, and even after I moved to another job we still managed to keep in constant touch with each other and saw to it that we had those long catch-up dinners at least once a month.

However, as I said, it's been over five months since I went out with the Health Junkies. I remember a few of them called me a couple of times for our next get-together but I just couldn't squeeze it in my schedule. And I regret not making time for them. I miss their lively chatters, their funny anecdotes and their non-stop nagging on my "unhealthy" eating habits.

I'm thinking of hosting our next get-together at my house and probably surprise them about it with some really healthy food. I can prepare an all-organic or all-veggie meal for them. Since I'm the one who is known to be the most unhealthy eater of them all, I'm sure it will come as a big surprise for them that I'm serving them such healthy cuisine.

The more I think about this plan of mine, the more I think it's a great idea. I start to imagine my friends' reaction when they see what I have prepared for them. I'm sure they would appreciate such an effort, especially coming from someone who had always defied their health sermons in the past. That will definitely show how much I really miss them.

Since I started with the healthy meal, I might as well do it all the way down to desserts. I got the perfect idea for healthy desserts when I found some Vitalicious coupon codes on the Internet yesterday.

The Vitalicious coupons offer some the most attractive promo deals and discounts on the hottest selection of diet food which include low-calorie muffins, brownies, and cakes that taste so sumptuously good without the guilt of loading up on calories. Not only are Vitalicious products amazingly tasty at the lowest calorie content possible, they are also very high on fiber so they are really the perfect desserts for health-conscious eaters such as my friends.

I'm definitely availing of the Vitalicious promo codes, and I will be well on my way to preparing all the healthy food for the Health Junkies when I invite them for a reunion. I really cannot wait to see them, and I'm also excited about the healthy food I'm going to prepare for a change.

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Great Buys on Healthy and Low-Calorie Pastries with Vitalicious Coupons

Mind Your Money and Your Waistline with Vitalicious Coupon Codes

By Alice C. Woodhouse
April 06, 2009

Healthier eating habits has become the focus of individuals to counter the overwhelming trend of junk food and unhealthy food. Proper diet is an important aspect of living healthy, especially now that obesity is a growing epidemic and America is ranked as the No.1 country for the unhealthiest people in the world. We have been so used to a fast-paced living, and it has taken a toll on our diet and lifestyle because we have been gorging on fast-food, 2-minute dinners and microwave snacks saturated with fats and high calories.

Proper and inexpensive food is now a must, and there have been hundreds of ways to combat ingesting too much calories and high-fat foods. Diets are now springing up like mushrooms in the quest for good health, prevent obesity and retain the maximum energy in our bodies. Calories are the energy in food that can answer that, but the word “caloriesÂ" has become a bane in today's world. But we must remember that your body has to have sufficient calorie intake to keep you functioning for the rest of the day as calories produce energy by serving as a fuel for the body. So wherever they come from, your body converts calories as physical energy. The bad thing is that if you go over your recommended daily caloric intake, you body will force it to be stored inside as fat and will remain and you continuously pack the pounds unless you burn them by physical activity, or reducing caloric intake.

Cutting back on calories is one of the best methods of trying to lose them. You lose them by not ingesting more calories and at the same time your body draws on you reserve calories too! It doesn't have to be so hard, and its as simple as stopping yourself eating that dessert, or forgo snacking on junk food. The best way is to substitute fatty snacks with those of a low-calorie food, an example would be eating fruits to curve your craving for sweets, since fruits have extremely low calorie and sugar compared to eating a pack of chocolates, a bag of cotton candy, or a slice of cake. The number of calories you save is likely to translate into pounds lost.

Make a commitment to cut out high-calorie food as much as possible. A great tip is eating a food that is low in calorie but won't let you feel like you're cutting too much out of what you're used to eating. One famous substitute to high-calorie snacks is the Vitalicious 100-calorie muffins, brownies, tops and cakes. Diets don't have to become agonizing. Vitalicious coupon codes can help you save also, if you want samples or discounts for the muffins that taste like a good, homemade muffin but has a low calorie count.

Adopt the healthy lifestyle and be mindful of your caloric intake to achieve a healthy eating plan. Never skip meals and never skimp on food just to achieve faster results. The best way is to take a one steady change at a time in our eating habits. Start with substitutions of healthier snacks and you're on your way to living a healthier lifestyle!

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Mind Your Money and Your Waistline with Vitalicious Coupon Codes

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