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Dear Santa: Free Coupons for Wii

By Alexis Andrews
August 29, 2008

I know it’s early, it’s only August, and school has just started. But please –pretty please– start thinking about what toy you will be giving me this Christmas. I have been a good boy. And I am good enough to tell you that Nintendo Wii is selling for as cheap as $300 on some stores, as long as you use their free coupons. If you want I can also help direct you to the website of Circuit City. (I know you have a sleigh, but do you know how to surf?)

I hope it’s not too much to ask; you’re not a poor man. Besides, I have been studying hard, and reading voraciously, and treating my biology teacher, Miss Smith, with utmost respect. I have cut down on television –I no longer watch too much Cartoon Network and MTV– and actually ate more vegetables last Sunday dinner than my younger sister, Clara, who is vegetarian. I also began making my bed every day, cleaning up those Gatorade bottles and orange wrappers of Reese’s, so that Mom won’t have to do so.

Oh. Santa. Just so you know, if you visit Circuit City, you might as well shop for a few titles now that they have free coupons to help you save up to 33% on games. EA Sports’ Madden NFL 09 All-Play is alread available, I think, as well as Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors. If you are feeling extra kind then you can add Pokemon Battle Revolution. Santa, you have no idea how much I have been wanting to get those. My classmates talk about them all the time, and I feel out of place whenever they hold those kinds of conversations.

Nintendo Wii, after all, is on almost every boy and girl’s wish list. I know, because Clara and I had almost driven both my parents crazy until I decided to write to you myself. It has to be one of the most innovative gaming products ever. Wii has even been awarded an Emmy for Game Controller Innovation by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. How cool is that? There has been no other video game console in the market that uses infrared motion sensors to react to human movement. The wireless Wii remote can thus become a sword, a baseball bat, a steering wheel, a gun, a tennis racket, and even a guitar. It can also promote a good deal of exercise; you don’t want me to grow up living a sedentary lifestyle, do you?

Pardon me if I am asking you in advance. I just thought that you would like to take advantage of the free coupons for Wii and for Wii games. And while you don’t need free shipping –you’ve got red-nosed Rudolf, after all– it would be much more convenient if you will let Circuit City deliver. Why? Because I know that I am not the first kid to ask. And I certainly won’t be the last.



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