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Budget Friendly Travel Coupons This Spring

By Ben Gamble
September 05, 2009

People really desire to travel this season called Spring break. It is really fun but you have to make sure that your pocket can withstand the pressures of expenditures. You can choose a lot of options but are you really sure to go on with your plans in giving yourself a break. There are several hotels, airlines, and places to consider and the most important thing to think initially is to save some few bucks on your expenses. Frugal travel is a nice byword for someone who is responsible in planning for his finances. It is recommended to look for travel promo discounts/>over the internet. You will see a lot of great offers to choose from. As you can see there are choices so choose the best that you think. Especially if you are really have a limited budget.

As for the places to visit you can go to Mexico, especially Cancun and Acapulco, where you can swim on its pristine beaches. You can also spend the night life to party all night. So travel by consciously thinking about what to do and what do you need. If you love the beach and all of the activities it has to offer, you will not be disappointed. Along the beaches, you can swim, sunbathe, play volleyball, or toss a Frisbee around. See the landscape and play with the sands among the best activities that you can do. You can also ride four-wheelers, take jungle tours, riding horses, ocean cruises, and snorkeling. They are all fun but there is a price to pay for these things. And you need to ponder on what road to go when planning for your spring break vacation.

How about inside United States, you can do some outdoor spring break trip. You need to check your worn out things and objects needed for outdoor activities like tents, boots, hiking bags and more. These are important things for your comfort in the outdoors and these things or objects will matter most on your survival if you have malfunctioned radios, tents, flashlights, and gears. You can check the nice offerings of RamseyOutdoor Deals. You will really enjoy high quality out door merchandises that they offer. Bear in mind that the outdoors is not a journey to Alice in Wonderland. You will encounter native animals, insects, breathe taking landscapes, and the weather. The fun part of taking a trip outdoors is that you will be able to move your muscles, do exercise under the sun, and enjoy the sites. The nature is really a friendly place to relax.

If you have a nice budget in your bank account and you are really planning to hop to an Asian Country. Then it is not a time to think twice. It is the best time to travel in this part of the world, because in tropical countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand. You will experience a sunny weather for most of the time. And you will enjoy exotic fruits, wild life, cultures, and festivals. You just need a nice travel deals that will give you discounts in the form of coupon codesReward yourself, travel at this time especially this spring.

Keys to Cheap Travel for the Frugal Explorer

By Alexis Andrews
May 25, 2009

So you're planning a vacation to get away for awhile from the daily stress of work and life. You're looking

for rest and relaxation, somewhere quiet and calm and beautiful. You're planning to see new places and meet

new faces. Ah, to travel: it is certainly one of the great pastimes of the world. It can also make our lives

more meaningful and open our eyes to what lies beyond what we're used to seeing every single day.

However, travel does not come cheap, especially if you plan to cross countries and continents. If you're a

frugal explorer, you're going to have to make some important considerations (like using href="">coupon codes) before you book a flight, a hotel stay, a tour, a cruise

- so that you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about how much you're spending for it. Here are some

great tips for all those who want to know the keys to cheap travel:

Plan - and plan early. This means looking up the cheapest deals and most valuable promotions

before the demand for them goes sky high. While it sometimes works to wait and look for last-minute deals, the

general rule is still that the early bird catches the worm. So plan and book in advance: that way, you're

positioning yourself to get more flexible schedules and money-saving travel deals. It is, of course, best to

make your bookings during off-peak seasons.

Max your miles. Be smart and savvy with the rewards programs that airlines implement. Know

the value of the miles you can redeem, do the necessary math, and seek special deals that will allow you to

spend for each mile. Loyalty programs are there for a reason - and it's up to you how to figure out how to use

them and save even more money as a frequent flier. Also, find out what you can do with membership cards, such

as when you are a member of industry organizations or the army or - gasp! - if you are a senior citizen.

Travel light. This can never be emphasized enough. It might seem like a small thing, but

playing the role of the light traveler can save you from lots of inconvenience. You see, moving around with

excess baggage can be costly. So pack only what's necessary and avoid additional charges from the airlines

when checking in.

Bid. Yes, I mean online auctions. Although it takes some effort, bidding for travel has its

rewards and money-saving benefits. Web-based auction sites like eBay, for example, offer a bunch of cheap

vacation packages, airfares, hotel accommodations, and cruises. But be warned: always read the fine print and

look out for taxes and service charges before bidding on an auction item.

Take advantage of coupon codes. The Internet has a wealth of information not only on where

the cheapest flights are and which hotels are offering discounts; it is also a source for online href="">travel coupons and coupon

codes which you can look into to make your journeys all over the world even more worthwhile and

financially rewarding.

How to Save Money on Car Rental

By Alexis Andrews
November 03, 2008

Are you going to be renting a car for a business trip or leisure getaway? Are you under the misconception that car rental rates do not vary at all? Here’s a secret: it is actually possible to save money with car rental expenses – provided, of course, that you heed the advice on how to lower them. Below we’ll list plenty of tips, from where to rent and from whom as well as how convenient it is to use car rental discount codes.

Avoid airport rentals. Instead, find an independent agency that is nearby yet is located off the airport, for itÂ’s bound to offer you lower rates and fewer extra charges and fees. It would also be better and more practical to rent a car from your hotel (if youÂ’re on a business trip): that way, you steer clear of expensive taxes and fees.

Shop around online. Get a good idea of what the available rates are and compare prices before finalizing any bookings. While rates vary according to availability of vehicle, location, hours of an agencyÂ’s operation, and other factors, the cheaper way to go is always online. Look at the official websites of agencies or at a booking engine like Travelocity, which offer Travelocity discount codes which you can use to slash anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of your rental expenses. Also conduct an online research on any special discounts, privileges, and promos which you can take advantage of.

Choose the smallest car appropriate for your use. Reserve the smallest model, the cheapest one, if you are a lone traveler looking to save money on rentals and on gas. Decline “freeÂ" upgrades to bigger cars than compacts if you know that you really donÂ’t need the extra space – besides, even if you move up to two car categories free of charge, the cost you will have to pay on gas will still be ridiculous.

Beware of price quirks and hidden fees. Sales taxes, arena fees, vehicle license fees, etc.: these may be the words that you will find in fine print of the terms and conditions page, along with the additional cost that you have to pay on top of the price that the car agency has advertised. What you once thought as a nice rate can quickly turn into a very expensive one. So read the details of the rental deal before finalizing anything. Understand the agencyÂ’s insurance policy: sometimes the offer simply the same coverage as the one in your own insurance policy. Before signing up for a car rental, contact your agent first to verify coverage.

Inquire about special offers. Several companies have special privileges which loyal customers in their program – or members in certain national organizations such as AAA – can use. There is also a plethora of frequent flier programs, credit card loyalty promos, and car rental discount codes which might make you eligible for discounts, cheaper rates, and other money-saving privileges. So it’s worth going around and checking the deals before committing on the car you will rent, and from whom.

Tips on Planning a Perfect Honeymoon

By Sam Greene
November 02, 2008

After exchanging the “I doÂ’sÂ", placing rings on each otherÂ’s finger, and a passionate kiss, itÂ’s off to the honeymoon, one of the most unforgettable moments of a married couple. ItÂ’s really exciting planning honeymoons but we always have to consider getting the most out of this celebration. Having a vacation is probably one of the most common. Well, it doesnÂ’t really matter where, what matters is that you and your partner had a memorable time with each other. Coupon codes are very useful in these kinds of occasion. It would not just help you save money for your married life, but also, with a wide selection of travel coupons that offers trips to honeymoon destinations from different parts of the globe, you will surely have a great time.

First, you and your partner should both agree on your honeymoon plans. If you would plan on travelling by land or air, or go on a cruise, or if you want to stay in a hotel or a beach/resort. There are actually many things to consider. If youÂ’re going on a trip to other countries, you can book your flights online, or you can use travel coupons like Travelocity. If youÂ’re planning on staying on a hotel, you can find hotel coupons like the ones from to find great prices on places you want to stay. For car rentals, you could use Dollar Rent A Car coupons for affordable rates and to guide you on your honeymoon tours and vacations.

Your honeymoon would be remembered all throughout your married life so you need to make it special. The husband or wife could purchase gifts for each other using gifts and flowers coupon codes. They can find less-expensive items to share with to bring a romantic atmosphere on their honeymoon vacation. You need every bit of that passionate aura because you know that itÂ’s going to be a long night, you want to be in the perfect mood in your honeymoon, right? But donÂ’t worry if it wouldnÂ’t turn out the way you expected it. YouÂ’re a married a couple, and youÂ’ll be living together the rest of your lives, so there is boundless time for you to finally experience a perfect honeymoon sensation.

Stop thinking about how much money you spent for that wedding ring and other jewelry, or the wedding gown and the suit you wore during your wedding day. This is the start of a new life, and thereÂ’s no better way of starting it with a breathtaking experience in your honeymoon. All that matters is that youÂ’re together, when you feel everything is going to be alright, when you know as you wake up the next morning, you have someone beside you. ThereÂ’s a word for that, itÂ’s called LOVE.

Top Five Tips to Help You Save on Your Leisure Vacation

By Alexis Andrews
October 30, 2008

It is difficult to stay faithful to a budget when you are on vacation. Checking in your luggage, hotel parking, dinners, taxi rides, and overpriced souvenir items – these miscellaneous expenses add up and can eat your pocket money away. Here, then, are the top five tips to help you save money while on a leisure getaway.

1) Shop around online. Hotel rack rates are bound to differ from website to website or from travel agent to travel agent or even from desk to desk. To take advantage of this, visit multiple sites and sources for quick quotes, discount information, hotels coupon codes, booking specials, and package deals. In the same way, be sure to shop around for the best deals on airline tickets, car rentals, and cruises. You never know how much youÂ’ll save if only you conduct an online research beforehand.

2) Book early or book on off-peak dates. Be it for flights or hotel reservations, you must not wait till the last minute to finalize your bookings. This is common sense. After all, the early bird gets the worm – in this case, your worm is the privilege of choosing which options for seats, rooms, and prices are best and most affordable for you. Keep in mind as well that being flexible with your schedule and going off-peak – like booking a midweek stay at a hotel – can potentially generate hundreds of dollars in savings.

3) Keep an open mind. Do you really have to pack that much clothes? With soaring fuel prices, airlines have no choice but to impose extra charges on the baggage of those who canÂ’t afford to pack light. Maybe all you need is a carry-on bag. And if you want a vacation thatÂ’s enjoyed on the cheap, be willing to stay in hotels that are off the beaten path. They may not be of initial interest to you, but if you broaden your options well enough you might find cheaper lodging in a place thatÂ’s only a few minutesÂ’ drive from your intended destination.

4) Avoid renting a car from the airport. Otherwise, you will have to pay the premium for convenience. The better rates and lower surcharges can be found at car rental agencies that are at off-airport locations. Also, rent a car that is most practical for your use. You are only staying temporarily, after all, and besides you would want to save up on gasoline. There is no need to be choosy about what you are driving.

5) Inquire about freebies and special privileges. Airlines usually have special offers for frequent loyal travelers. Your membership in an organization might entitle you to a number of travel discounts. Websites clip travel coupon codes for any of the possible online transactions that you make. Some hotels offer free breakfasts or in-line shuttle service, and maybe you can even stay a third night for free. All these are there for your taking; all you have to do is ask around and exert a little more effort.

Money-Saving Travel Tips and Coupon Codes

By Alexis Andrews
October 10, 2008

Be it for business or for pleasure, travel can enrich our lives. It can help us gain a greater appreciation of the sights and sounds around us, the people and the places that would be deemed strange from the commonplace lifestyles that we lead. However, traveling is not free, and is certainly not always cheap: there are so many expenses that have to be covered, such as air fare, accommodation, food, and car rentals, among others. We hope that this article will make your trips more rewarding by providing you with money-saving tips and coupon codes for travel.

First of all, one has to make an important note of the cost of journeying. Even though fuel prices have skyrocketed, there are still many companies these days offering cheap air fares. The key lies in how to find them. Are they being advertised in the websites of airlines or by travel agents? Are the best offers limited offers? It is important to plan ahead, so that you have time to shop around – be it online or otherwise – for the cheapest flights and the best discounts. And be flexible with your times, if possible: for those who are flying on a budget, consider booking indirect flights, or flights that are scheduled during weekdays at ungodly hours. (Not that it’s convenient, but why pay transportation’s premium?) Book early, too: airline tickets generally become more expensive the nearer they get to the date of travel. Of course, if you have flyer miles, loyalty rewards, or coupon codes to help you save up on your ticket purchase, don’t hesitate to use them.

If youÂ’re not a sucker for luxury and first-class amenities, also find a way to look for cheap hotels. There are plenty of travel sites on the Internet that offer hotel packages, hotel promo deals, and hotel packages; all you have to do is choose from these and then let them do the legwork for you. If possible, check in on a weekday or go in the off-season; when the demand is not that high, hotel rack rates are bound to get a lot lower.

Of course, when travelling, youÂ’d have to find a way to get around. Be it for business meetings, a tour of the city, a couch surfing adventure, or just a trip to see the sights and hear the sounds of a new world, travelers have to find a convenient and affordable way to go from one place to another. We recommend car rentals: make a reservation in advance, save up by choosing independently owned companies, and avoid paying for extra unnecessary insurance policies. Taxis will burn your wallet if your itinerary is a heavy one.

For greater convenience and bigger savings, look up websites such as Expedia, Inc., where you can research, plan, and purchase a whole trip in one go. And, if you’re travelling on a budget, make sure to check out the Expedia deals and offers section – where you will find airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, cruises, and other promos and coupon codes to make your travel all the more worth it.

A Smart Frugal Business Traveler Uses Online Deals

By Alexis Andrews
September 13, 2008

Like many businessmen clutching leather travel cases on one hand and a plane ticket on another, I am a mobile worker – always on the move, without an office or a swivel chair to call his own. To be more precise, I am a financial management consultant who lives his life in hotels. I have a business card without an address. Ha! I am not making a point about how glamorous the job is; rather, I am fascinated by the fact that I have become, essentially, my own travel agent. I look for my own online deals; I employ my own strategies; make my own itineraries; book my own trips.

One of the most important decisions for any traveler like me – whether leisure or business – is find out where to stay. A bed and breakfast lodge? A classy condominium-cum-hotel? An obscure traveler’s inn on the outskirts of downtown? A beach resort, an all-inclusive five-star hotel, a humble but practical apartment, or a vacation rental? Will I indulge myself, or make a choice that is reasonably priced? My preferences are not invariable: they depend on factors such as value-for-money, season (peak of off-peak), duration of stay, mode of transportation, etc. Where shall I stay? Where do I make my bed tonight? I face these choices daily, so that is why I use the Internet to look up the best online deals and promotions for hotels. The only place I won’t consider is the one that is owned by Norman Bates.

It’s a hassle, I must admit, the extracurricular tasks. I would hire a personal travel agent, except that I’m a direct-to-direct kind of guy, and because the extra hard work does pay off anyway. Literally. After I have made my hotel bookings from online deals, I often find out that I was able to accumulate an incredible amount of savings – most of them coming from booking discounts, cash-back rebates, credit card points, membership discounts, and loyalty guest promotions. This is important: just like expenses that come from your own pocket, savings earned and made also take on a cumulative effect. And the numbers will surprise you every time you look at it; they always do.

Anyway, my traveling on business can be made rewarding when I am able to save big on costs other than that incurred in looking for accommodation. It helps me take my mind off of the amount of money I am spending. Imagine the things you have to spend when youÂ’re always on the move: food, communication and phone calls, transportation, coffee, the occasional night-out, and the occasional “I bought this in such and suchÂ" souvenir item. Thus, when I fire up the computer before a trip, I make sure to search website after website for affordable car rentals, airline tickets, travel luggage, accessories, supplies, tour packages and other money-saving online deals for travel. That way, nothing I spend on can be described as unnecessary – which is what a smart and frugal business traveler should always be able to say.

Tips on Shopping for Travel Bags

By Alexis Andrews
September 02, 2008

Keeping an open mind is the first thing to do when you shop for traveling bags. If you want to save you can search for traveling bag promo codes. Well, think over with the style and the weight of the traveling bags. It is best to have durable bags that can withstood the test of times. See to it that the bag is made of durable fibers that can hold your belongings from tossing and handling of your luggage. To add more, look on those pockets, handles, and brands in choosing your traveling bag. Make sure that the handles and shoulder straps are attached with multiple rivets for strength. The handles and shoulder straps, which are attached with rings should have solid metal rings as the split rings can separate. Better to look every nook and crane so that you won't regret buying the stuff.

Consider also that the bags you like are something that should be able to comfortably hold your belongings and simultaneously also make your travel more enjoyable by taking the weight strain off of your back and shoulders. Don't forget to check those zippers and locks. The best brand to choose as a prospect is the Samsonite Travel bags. If you are interested on these kind of Samsonite bags in town you can purchased them with discounts and freebies. So just try the Samsonite Promo Codes for a low spending overhead on buying a traveling bag.

A traveling bag such as the Samsonite Brand is a much sought after and guess what you have to put in your mind that the vertical travel bags a locking handle system is provided because it is important as it prevents the handle from damage if you decide to check it. Assess the wheels if your bag. Roll it and check the screws, nuts, and bolts. Prefer those larger rubberized wheels with ball bearings for longevity.

Take note that the hard sided outer shell cases of the travel bags usually help to protect contents but are also heavy and clunky. Soft-sided cases on the other hand are great carry-ons but they wont be very reliable in case you're carrying fragile objects. The semi-soft sided cases are perhaps the ideal buy as they combine the benefits of both the hard and soft styles.

The nylon made bags are especially the soft and semi-soft ones. Bear in mind that the higher density of the bags, the thicker the fiber. Therefore make sure that you look for a tight dense weave. Polyester made bags are good too but make them a second choice. Ok?

Therefore finding the right combination of travel bags will definitely adds security and simplify your traveling experience. For more affordable Samsonite bags or any other stuffs please orient yourself on Promo Codes. Click the links for more details.

Traveling on Promos

By Alexis Andrews
August 17, 2008

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? Have you just filed a month-long leave to get away from the stress of work and go on a great vacation somewhere in Europe or Asia? Are you excited but a bit worried about how much you are going to have to spend? DonÂ’t fret; travel today need not be expensive. Even with a slow, weakening economy, you can still go on that highly anticipated backpacking trip and have fun on a budget. Anyway, this is the digital age. Promos that you see online will more than help your cause.

Just surf the Internet and you will see what I mean. If you book your plane ticket online, you will be surprised to find that airplane companies, despite the increasing cost of fuel, are offering lots of good deals. If youÂ’re not squeamish about seats or airplane food or leg space then you can reserve a seat that costs several dollars cheaper than a first-class one.

And do travel light. Excess baggage is literally a heavy burden on a vacationerÂ’s shoulders. Besides, you donÂ’t want to incur additional charges upon your check-in at the airport, or walk around a strange munchkin land carrying five bags at once. Just pack the bare necessities. Toiletries, you can get at the street corner or the local convenience store.

Any seasoned leisure traveler will tell you two things: research, and make early reservations. Look up the best value-for-money hotels in the place where you will be staying. Read the several customer reviews that you will find on the Internet. DonÂ’t just read the testimonials on cleanliness and customer service; find out, too, if there are any promos, such as “get one free night for every threeÂ" or “free breakfast buffets dailyÂ". Hotel management do not always advertise such deals at the entrance lobby, and thatÂ’s why a quick online investigation is essential.

When making a decision on what to do – swim at the beach? take a historical tour? visit the local gallery? – be on the look out for vacation and leisure packages that local tourism authorities offer their visitors. Not only do these packages allow you to see as much of the sights of the place as possible; they also save you the time and the money that might otherwise have been spent asking for directions, or looking for tour guides on the street. So don’t be automatic in throwing away travel brochures or in closing the window on travel websites. You never know how helpful they are.

While on your trip, you might stumble upon tourist-friendly novelty shops and souvenir stores bragging about their accreditation. DonÂ’t be too easily lured. Chances are, they are there to catch the visitorsÂ’ attention, with heavily padded price tags on the items; you may not even know it. If youÂ’re going to buy on impulse, at least look around before making a purchase. Be sure to know what you really want to take back home with you. And then search the Internet for the most economical commercial districts in the area, where you can haggle with vendors, and where the best promos and discounts are. YouÂ’re not being cheap; you are just being wise with money.



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