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Be Fashionable and Safe on the Road with Coupon Codes

By LJ Ortega
July 16, 2009

Gasoline prices are on the rise again and most of our gas-guzzling SUVs are no longer practical to be used for our everyday travel. Like us, we have our old and trusty Jeep Cherokee whose gasoline expenses per month eats up almost 30-40% of our monthly budget -- money that could have otherwise gone to much more important and long-term things like investing in stocks or getting a health insurance.

Well, we just simply can't get away with it because the Jeep had been handed down by my father to my husband and we were told to take good care of it. We love using it because it had been very reliable throughout the years and had been a silent witness to the experiences and episodes of two generations of our family. So for all its sentimental values, we decided to keep the Jeep, albeit aware of the need to find a way to curb our rising gasoline expenses.

So my husband suggested that since both our son's school and his office are not that far, we could instead use motorcycles to go to our destinations. I was quite cynical at first about this because a motorcycle practically consumes about the same amount of gasoline as our Jeep. I told him that we would just be shelling out more money because we needed to buy a new motorcycle whereas we could just continue using our Jeep instead.

Since my husband is really an informed consumer, he explained that motorcycles consume less gas compared to SUVs because of the longer mileage it would give us, meaning we would still be saving a lot since less gas is consumed. Aside from that, he also pointed out that motorcycles are considerably much more environment friendly than SUVs.

Easily by my husband's explanation, I accompanied him to a nearby dealer to buy our very first family motorcycle. We eventually found out that motorcycles are not that expensive these days. But then we remembered that we also needed to buy safety gears! Good thing the dealer told us that there are coupon codes that we could use to purchase helmets and other motorcycle safety gears for much lower prices. When we got home, we immediately checked out the online shop and saw a wide selection of automotive safety gears that could be availed of at hugely discounted prices with promotional codes.

We found various promo codes that offered the best deals on products that my husband wanted to buy. Now that we've reassessed our budget, we're all set to buy the motorcycles as well as the safety gears that will not only keep us safe on the road but fashionable as well.

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