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   Timberland is one of the most popular brands offering boots, shoes, clothes and gear for the outdoors. They offer a huge selection of hiking, mountaineering, and casual wear at competitive prices. The brand is offered online and through various retail stores worldwide. Timberland offers great products for men and women, and kids. Their footwear line includes boots, hiking, sandals, and shoes. They also offer clothing and accessories like backpacks, luggage, handbags, watches, sunglasses, and many more.
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Get the best hiking gear for less with Timberland promotional codes

By Marian Shepard
October 28, 2009

Hiking apparel can be something of an investment - each year, hikers around the world spend millions of dollars to ensure that the shoes and clothes that they wear on rough trails will help them perform best at their chosen sport. However, most hikers are also spending smart by using online coupons like Timberland promotional codes to increase their buying power, allowing them to buy top-dollar quality equipment at a relatively lower cost.

Why all the fuss about what people wear while walking through the forest? Well, while hiking may not be a fashion-forward endeavor, hiking apparel is every bit as important and complicated as any wardrobe. More so, even, because hikers rely on what they're wearing to keep them comfortable and safe from the elements as they journey through various terrains. Each piece has an important function to perform, and manufacturers have spent years and millions of dollars tailoring its specs to perform that function perfectly.

Say you're easing into hiking as a dd and you want to suit up in the best way possible. First, you go online to check out promos and money-saving coupons like Timberland coupon codes, so you don't end up spending a mint.

Then you begin by picking shoes, debatably the most important piece of clothing for hikers. If you're a beginner, you're probably be okay with hiking shoes, which are made of sturdy, breathable material but look to the untrained eye a little bit like regular trainers. You can use these if you don't plan to spend more than a day on the trail, and if the trail is relatively easy going, meaning it's mostly dry and not littered with rocks.

If you're planning to do something more serious, like a rocky terrain with possible muddy spots, you'll need trail hikers. They're almost the same, but they provide better traction and are more waterproof.

The sturdiest of the lot are called mountain hikers, and are used by truly daring souls in navigating trails that are very difficult, meaning they could be used in very rocky areas or on trails covered in snow. They're also the footwear of choice for serious hikers who spend several days at a time trekking through changing landscapes.

Socks, shirts, pants and jackets round out your hiking apparel repertoire. Make sure you take your time to inspect and hunt around for the items that fit well and suit your needs best. It cannot be stressed enough that these items have to be comfortable. Imagine walking in the hot sun for over five hours in a shirt that made you itch, or through the rain with a jacket that lets every drop of water slosh down your neck.

These items should also be made of lightweight, synthetic material such as Gore-Tex that keeps out water as much as possible while letting air circulate freely. This is because they need to discourage fungal growth on your skin, which may occur due to the presence of heat and moisture. For that same reason, most fabrics used in hiking gear are also designed to draw moisture away from the body.

While indeed pricey, well-crafted hiking gear will last you a very long time, and ensure your comfort and safety. Plus, you can lower the cost of even the most excellent products with the use of Timberland promotional codes, making you one spending savvy outdoors person.

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