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   Things Remembered is one of the largest and leading retailers of personalized gifts in the market. Things Remembered offers unique engraved gifts at affordable prices. They offer various products for all gift-giving occasions, including weddings, birthdays, graduation or even for a simple showing of appreciation. Things Remembered offers a product line that includes jewelry, drinkware, glassware, frames and albums, clocks, awards and plaques, desk sets, gadgets, stationery, home decor, and many more. They also specialize in wedding gifts and business gifts.
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Things Remembered coupons save you money whenever you purchase a one-of-a-kind item from their website. Simply key in your Things Remembered coupon code when you finalize your purchase, and you can avail of special discounts off of your item’s list price.

Things Remembered coupons: presents of extraordinary value at an ordinary cost

By Marian Shepard
January 19, 2010

I couldn't believe the impact that Things Remembered coupons had on my friend's daughter Annie. To this day, she still uses them a lot, and remembers to credit me with her find.

Not that I could take any credit, really. All I'd done was to show her my collection of online coupons when she was looking for special and sentimental gifts to give to her bridesmaids after her wedding, and she'd noticed the Things Remembered coupons right away. What she found especially interesting was the specific grouping of gifts that they had - they were divided into occasions, recipients, and even had a special section for gifts to be given for weddings. She immediately found the perfect gift for her bridesmaids - a beautiful sterling silver heart compact with a crimson velvet pouch.

Annie wanted the gift to be even more meaningful, so she had each one engraved with a special message for each bridesmaid, and added their name and hers. When she came back from her honeymoon, she came by to tell me specifically that her bridesmaids had loved the beautiful gift, and had told her that they were stunned that she had spent so much. She hadn't, of course, because she'd used the Things Remembered promotional codes when she purchased the gifts, but she didn't tell them that.

I think the coupons were such a hit because Annie was such a thoughtful girl, a trait she'd shown in spades even when she was little. She was forever picking wildflowers in the woods behind their house and arranging them in a tiny vase for her mother and sister, and whenever I came over to visit, I'd get a little bundle myself. As she grew older, she didn't scour the countryside for bouquets anymore, but Annie continued to enjoy giving special trinkets that were usually personalized or custom made for the recipient. Her mother's closet is filled with special gifts from every Mother's Day ever since Annie was four - pressed flowers, handmade cards, darling little projects and crafts.

When Annie moved away for college, she still sent personalized gifts for most occasions. Her family and friends always looked forward to opening a package from her, anticipating the event for days. The gifts themselves never cost more than a few dollars, but their recipients treated them like they were made of gold. It mattered more to them that Annie had taken the time to find and pick out or make the gift than the money that she had spent to purchase it.

Now that Annie knows about Thing Remembered promo codes, I bet she's expanding her gift-giving repertoire. There's a ton of ways to customize thousands of gifts on the site, making them ever more special to their recipients.

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