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   The Shelving Store offers streamline storage products that allow individuals and businesses to organize any commercial or public space whether in a manufacturing warehouse, a law firm's file room, a university locker room, grocery store aisles, or a food distribution center. The Shelving Store offers chrome wire shelving, decorative shelving, boxes and bins, lockers, accessories and more. They also carry storage products for each room in your home including the closet, kitchen, office, laundry room, living space, kids' space, and garage.
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Don’t break the bank to get your customers to notice your products – use The Shelving Store coupons

By Marian Shepard
February 03, 2010

When my best friend Lisa asked if I had a couple of The Shelving Store coupons, on hand, I was intrigued. I thought she was planning another trade show exhibit, but it turns out that she had enough business to begin thinking about opening her own craft shop.

I gave her the online coupons that she had wanted, and she gave me an open invitation to come over and help her arrange and stock the shelves when they came in. I readily accepted and three weeks later, I was driving out to her place in the city to see the new tiny shop.

Located in a very trendy area in the city where a lot of craft stores were, Lisa's shop was already beginning to attract interest with its colorful signage and all sorts of merchandise coming in crates and boxes. Whenever the moving people came with more boxes, people tended to mill about and look at the unique t-shirts, cards, and art supplies that were stacked neatly in the different containers.

The very first day I was there, my husband and I helped Lisa and her husband set up the second batch of shelves. They were wooden, with solid sides instead of the slats. Lisa explained that the sides could be used for product demo pieces and artwork displays when they were full.

The second set of shelves came in and they looked nothing like the ones that were in the store first - or even the ones that we were setting up. They had little tubs that looked like cubbyholes in a preschool, and were only a little less colorful. They were for tubes of paint, glue, and other materials, as well as random little tins of glitter, shiny stones, and tiny vials of sparkly mica flakes.

I wondered why there was such a variety of shelving in a single tiny store. I mean, why not use the industrial shelving and the baskets that were so popular in almost all the big craft stores? They seemed to be cheaper than all these different options, and they were multi-functional anyway.

With a laugh, Lisa said that the shelves didn't cost much, and with the use of The Shelving Store coupons, they even cost less than the industrial shelves. Lisa also pointed out that they did make use of the industrial shelves for some things, but that the big metal contraptions weren't in keeping with the image of the store. They had wanted to keep everything rustic and pretty, with a touch of shabby chic. The metal shelves were also impersonal and were less welcoming than the colorful tubs that showed off the vast variety of colors of mediums they held. From a marketing standpoint, this was important. The more a person was invited to touch and play with the mediums, the more likely they were to buy them.

It seems that the variety of shelves chosen by the tiny store was a hit, too. Last I heard, Lisa had emailed me with a request for more The Shelving Store coupon codes because the store was doing so well, they needed more stock.

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