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   An extraordinary way to send flowers, plants and gift baskets. By choosing Teleflora when you order flowers you know that you are sending the most beautiful, high-quality floral arrangement possible. Unlike other online flowers , every Teleflora flower arrangement is designed and hand-delivered by a professional florist whose flower shop is in the same neighborhood as the recipient of your thoughtful gift. So your flower delivery arrives fresh and beautiful. It’s the only way to send flowers, plants and gift baskets. When you want the best, that is. If you’re looking for the widest selection of the freshest and most beautiful flowers, plants and gift baskets, you’ve come to the right place.
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Teleflora Promotion Codes for an Extraordinary Way to Send Flower Gift Baskets

By LJ Ortega
October 14, 2009

My officemates asked me to look for the best looking but reasonably priced flower gift basket that we could give to our favorite boss who is soon retiring. I did find some Teleflora promotion codes that offer the best deals on a wide range of flower arrangements and other gift items.

I was actually tasked to find the right flower gift basket so that the rest of my officemates can busy themselves with the preparations for the retirement party. Our retiring boss is such a generous and hardworking woman that we want to bid her a grand farewell and let her know how much we appreciate all the help she has given us. She is so admirable not just for being kind-hearted but also for aging with such enviable grace, beauty and impeccable fashion style.

All the women in our office, including me, look up to her and wish that we would be as beautiful and elegant as her when we reach her age. We adore her and look up to her not just as our mentor but also as a fashion icon because we're always looking forward to what she would be wearing to work every day. She has such a remarkable sense of style with her apparel and accessories that she doesn't seem to go wrong whenever she mixes and matches them.

She is our big boss but we hardly feel it because she is very approachable. She's even the one inviting us out for lunch, and we always have a great time with her because we don't talk about work when we're out for lunch. We girls take advantage of the informal and non-work related atmosphere to bombard her with questions regarding fashion, about what kind of clothes would look good on our type of body shapes, what shades would complement our complexion, or what kinds of colors and styles would best match particular pieces of clothing, shoes or bags.

It's funny because she seems to be overwhelmed with our countless and endless fashion questions when she's supposed to be enjoying her lunch break with us, but she never seems to mind. She answers all our questions to the best of her ability and doesn't stop until she feels that the one inquiring received a satisfying response. And for that, as well as for so many other things she has done for us, we will greatly miss having her around every day.

That's why we really want to make her retirement party very special not just for her but for all of us as well. We want to make her feel how much we appreciate how much she has done for us and how much we will treasure the happy memories we have with her.

And what other way to cap a grand retirement party thrown by a grateful bunch but to present a beautiful flower arrangement that expresses our sincerest gratitude and love for her? That is why I really need to find the perfect flower gift basket for her. I'm sure the Teleflora coupon codes will lead me to the best choices available. My officemates will also be glad that I'm recommending the Teleflora promo codes because we will be saving money on a very attractive and extraordinary flower bouquet for our favorite boss.

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Save on Flowers for Your Girlfriend using Teleflora Coupons

By Alexis Andrews
November 17, 2008

As you probably know all too well, there’s one major problem with buying flowers for your girlfriend: no matter how much she loves them, and no matter how romantic your intentions might be, choosing the most appropriate and affordable flowers can be an overwhelmingly difficult. Do you give her roses? What color? How likely is it that she’ll misconstrue what you’re trying to say with the corsage? How should I have the flowers arranged?

If you are one of those who find themselves asking these questions on the eve of an anniversary or a special date, then read on. Don’t try to answer these by yourself. Take the advice of experts and proven florists, such as Teleflora, where you will find the most extraordinary ways to send flowers and gift baskets and plants. The online store – with 70,000 floral shops worldwide – has one of America’s widest selections of the freshest and most beautiful flowers, bouquets, and flower arrangements, all of which are designed and hand-delivered by professional florists. Of course, there are also Teleflora promotion codes to make the flowers not only appropriate, but affordable.

Before you decide on a flower to give your girlfriend or paste those promotion codes, though, keep in mind a few important tips and considerations. One of these is to know the occasion. This is because there are particular flowers that are traditionally identified with all kinds of occasions, such as roses for Valentine’s Day, carnations and lilies for Mother’s Day, hyacinths for when you are asking for forgiveness, white daisies and gladiolas for those who are in bereavement, and get-well-soon daisies and tulips for those who are ill. While these aren’t strict rules to follow, the guiding principle is that you must know when the best time is to give flowers, and which ones to give on a given occasion.

Another advice is to find flower types that match your girl’s individual personality. Red roses, for example, are best for women who are romantic, passionate, and unashamed in showing expressions of love; a rose personality loves to hold hands, watch romantic movies, cuddle, go to beaches, or take leisurely walks at the park with her man. Tulips, on the other hand, are for the fun-loving, adventurous, glamorous women, while lilies are most often associated with women who are charming, witty, sociable, sincere, easy to talk with, and old-fashioned. Moreover, you can pick flowers based on your girl’s clothing, with colors that coordinate with her preferences in fashion. When you exerted the effort, she’ll be able to tell – and appreciate you more for it.

What you shouldn’t do is limit yourself to red roses all the time. Yes, they can be the ultimate conveyors of your romantic sentiments, but a girl likes to have variety – if not on her men, then at least on her flowers. From Teleflora you will find a plethora of exotic blooms in other colors (and Teleflora promotion codes to go with them) which can make you irresistible to the very woman whose heart you want to keep. Anything orange, for example, can signify your burning desire; pink means appreciation, violet symblizes modesty and simplicity, and white means purity.

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