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Pay Less for a Brighter Home with Coupon Codes

By LJ Ortega
April 09, 2009

I’m thinking of adding more lights to both my front and back yards not only to give more highlight to my house at night but also to help ward off unpleasant entities that may lurk in the dark.

Making my house brighter especially at night will give me that added sense of security and safety because I’m a bit claustrophobic in the dark. When my field of vision gets smothered in the darkness, my imagination always runs wild and I always scare myself by thinking of demons (be they spirits or actual physical creatures) standing right behind me or walking next to me in the dark.

I’ve noticed that my house is just not comfortably bright enough when I’ve been verging on a heart attack lately just running to the front door every time I get home late at night. Call me a big coward, but I’m really afraid of the dark. There are times when I even call the house from my cell phone to ask my husband or any of the kids to come out and stand on the porch to wait for me especially when I’m really dreading that seemingly eternal walk from the car to the front door.

My husband already suggested before that we could add more lights to our yard, but I instinctively thought of the electricity bill at that time. I readily equated the idea of installing more lights to a big hike on our power consumption, so I ruled out my husband’s suggestion at that time.

However, I overheard my officemates talking about solar powered lights the other day and that got me really interested. I immediately did some research on solar lights and was amazed at how the lights could run on solar power even at night. There’s a solar panel that generates renewable energy from the sun at daytime and stores this energy to provide power to the solar lights even after the sun has set.

I also found a wide range of solar power lights that are now available in the market. There are integral solar flood lights, solar spot lights, solar landscape lights, solar post lights, solar step lights and even solar decorative lights such as Christmas lights. There are also other decorative lights, path lights, hanging lanterns, security flood lights that come in many solar powered variants.

After browsing through the huge collections of solar lights online, the next thing I did was look for the best possible deals on my would-be purchases. I surfed through some yard & gardening promotional codes and found attractive discounts on solar powered lights with the coupon codes.

By availing of a coupon code, I can buy my chosen solar powered lights at a significantly discounted price. And there are also other promo codes to choose from, so I can really save more on my purchases.

I think I’m going to congratulate myself if ever I get to brighten up my front and back yards with solar powered lights that are purchased through discount coupons. Not only would have I saved on the actual purchase of the solar lights, I would have also avoided the additional lights from taking toll on our monthly electricity bill. And most importantly, I would have achieved my wish of making my house brighter in the dark and sparing me from unnecessary claustrophobic streaks to the front door late at night.

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