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   Smarthome is a consumer electronics company from Smart Labs, Inc., a world's leader in electronic home improvement and automation. The company offers home automation products, and provides information and how-to videos. Smarthome offers thousands of products that allow consumers to automate their homes easily without having to spend much. Their products include wiring, surveillance, lighting, security, sensors, energy savers, speakers, thermostats, timers, and many more. They also carry popular brands like Bose, Elk, Leviton, Sony, Visonic, Sylvania, And many more.
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Home Sweet Home for Less with Smarthome Coupons

By LJ Ortega
December 14, 2009

I received shocking news about two young kids who recently got married and are starting their new home together. Much as don't agree with the new couple, who are barely out of college, there's really nothing much I can do but wish them a happy life together because they are already bound by their vows of matrimony. After I got over the initial shock, I started thinking of ways on how I can help them in building their new home together. I know that new couple are not well off financially because they don't have steady jobs yet, so I decided to help them find ways to save money on completing their new home.

The Smarthome coupon codes I found proved very useful because they offered all home improvement needs at the most affordable prices.

Everything happened so fast for those two kids. It's a mind-blowing whirlwind romance, if you ask me. Of the two, the guy is the one I've known the longest because he's my best friend's brother. The girl, on the other hand, is a new acquaintance to us both.

The two of them have barely known each other. That's why I really find it hard to believe that they're already married. They just met each other at a cocktail party lat month which was in celebration of the successful concert sponsored by the company owned by my best friend's family. The girl happened to be at the party because her friend was the daughter of one of the concert organizers.

I don't know how the young couple first bumped into each other during the party, but I just know that they hit if off right away. My best friend was the one who always kept me updated about how her brother was head over heels crazy about a new girlfriend he met at the cocktail party.

And so the two became romantically involved, but I never expected them to do something as drastic as getting married so soon. I knew it was normal for people their age to be in love, but I never thought they could be so seriously in love to marry each other in after barely a month of going steady.

That's why the news of their wedding was a real shock to me. I had to talk to my best friend on the phone for over an hour before the reality of it all could start to sink in.

After my phone conversation with my best friend, I started to accept the fact that those young kids indeed got married already and are starting to build their new home together. Somehow I started feeling happy for them and I wanted to wish them well. I'll be presenting the Smarthome coupons I found to them because I believe that they will really benefit from the big savings the promotional codes offer. It will be a great way for them to start their life together by being frugal and always be conscious of saving money for their future.

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Contact Smarthome:

16542 Millikan Avenue
Irvine, CA 92606



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