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Grow Your Own Bonsai with Simply Planters Coupons

By LJ Ortega
August 08, 2009

Have you ever adored the majestic stance of a fully grown tree and wished that you could have one adorning your home? It is possible to grow your own miniature version of that tree in a pot by developing a bonsai. Contrary to what most people think, bonsai are not genetically dwarfed plants but are aesthetic horticultures that can be created from almost any tree or shrub species. With careful pruning, wiring and repotting, a bonsai can resemble its full-grown brother and can even look more artistically appealing given the meticulous shaping of its grower.

The aesthetic miniaturization of trees makes bonsai growing an art that has hooked many enthusiasts. You can use Simply Planters coupon codes to look for a plant that has a relatively thick trunk that has good bonsai potential, meaning it can easily be trained to grow in a pot by pruning the branches and roots, repotting it periodically, pinching off new growth and wiring the branches and trunk to achieve a desired shape.

You can avail of big savings on your bonsai project with Simply Planters coupons. Just find the right discount codes in buying all the materials you would need. Remember that you have to wrap copper or aluminum wires around the branches or trunk to hold the branches in place until they lignify or convert into wood. This usually takes six to nine months or one full growing season. Choose a wire that is manipulated easily and is of the right thickness for the branches, taking great care not to break the branches as you do your wiring. As the bonsai grows and matures, make sure that you remove the wiring before it cuts into the tree and unnecessarily scars the trunk.

Pruning involves meticulously trimming the bonsai so that every twig and leaf falls aesthetically in place. Carefully consider which branches need to be cut away and which ones need to stay to create a balanced form that is pleasant to the eye. To keep with the principles of bonsai, try to prune the plant in a tree-like form or how it would most likely grow in the wild.

After wiring and pruning, you can repot your bonsai into a container that complements the size of the plant. When repotting, use proper bonsai soil as well as have small pieces of mesh at hand to cover the pot's drainage holes. Trim 1/2 to 2/3 of the roots but leave most of the thin white roots or the fedder roots and also some of the thick roots. Then position the bonsai comfortably in the pot and add the rest of the soil. Don't forget to tap the pot occasionally while putting the soil in to prevent air bubbles.

After repotting your bonsai, water the plant regularly and position it in a place where it receives proper lighting to rejuvenate itself. Contrary to popular belief that bonsai are grown indoors, most of them should be kept outdoors to receive proper sunlight and nutrients from nature. One problem in growing bonsai indoors is that people don't usually realize how dark it is inside the house, even in front of a window. Woody plants need strong light that is not usually found indoors. If you must grow your bonsai indoors, you can position your plant next to the sunniest window of the house, but make sure it is not too close to the glass to prevent excessive heat build up. You can also complement this with a fluorescent lamp positioned about six inches above the bonsai and kept on 12 hours a day to augment the sunlight coming from the window.

Growing a bonsai involves particular care and attention, but it usually becomes a rewarding experience for any gardener especially when the plant achieves a look of awesome beauty and elicits admiration from other people. What adds to the fun is the savings you will get from using Simply Planters promo codes. It is this affordable and affectionate cultivation of a living thing in the comfort of your own home that makes bonsai growing a personally gratifying dd.

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