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   Simply Bunk Beds offers a wide selection of bunk beds and loft beds. They carry over 250 bunk beds, all at very low prices. Whether you love to have sleepovers or if you prefer having more space in your room, Simply Bunk Beds is undoubtedly the site to visit. Simply Bunk Beds offers twin over twin, twin over full, and full over full bunk beds. When you shop for these bunk beds, you can choose either wood or metal. They also offer futon bunk beds, loft beds, and mattresses.
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Conserve Space in the Bedroom with Simply Bunk Beds Coupon Codes

By LJ Ortega
June 01, 2009

Having more children sleeping in a bedroom creates a problem when it comes to providing enough bed space for them. You can opt to add more beds but if your bedroom has limited space, it can also be a problem.

I've started thinking about this because my sister and her family are flying from Florida to spend the entire summer vacation at our place. It was actually I who invited them over, upon the prodding of my kids, of course. My kids are brimming with excitement at the thought of spending every day of summer with their cousins, whom they have not seen for over a year already. All of us just manage to keep in touch with each other via telephone and through webcam chat, and every time the kids chat, I can just tell how much they miss each other and how much they look forward to actually spending time together again.

So when my sister finally agreed to come over with her family and spend summer with us, both my and her kids were ecstatic. From the day we broke them the good news, my kids never spent a day without mentioning it in our conversations. In fact, I sometimes have the feeling that it's all they ever talk about these days. They never seem to run out of ideas on things they want to do and talk about with their cousins.

Anyway, just as my kids are preoccupied with thoughts on their upcoming activities with their cousins, I myself have to get busy with the necessary preparations. First and foremost, I have to make room for my sister and her family. I will have my sister and her husband stay in the room of Jane, my elder daughter, and have all the kids stay in her brother's room.

Jane doesn't mind staying in her brother's room throughout summer. In fact, it was her idea to let her aunt and uncle use her room and just let her and her brother share the other room with their cousins. I was rather grateful for my daughter's initiative, but it got me thinking about how I could make my kids and their cousins comfortable in one room for two months.

At first I thought of just buying sleeping bags or sleeping mats for them to sleep in, but I knew it wouldn't be too comfortable for the kids for long. I also thought of buying two more beds, but it would make my son's room too cramped. So the only option I had left was to buy a bunk bed to provide more sleeping area for the kids and still conserve space in the bedroom.

I already surfed around for affordable but quality bunk beds, and I found the best deals with Simply Bunk Beds coupon codes, which offer big discounts on a wide selection of attractive bunk beds. Simply Bunk Beds promotional codes provide the best prices I've seen among the other furniture shops I visited, and I just love the innovative bunk bed designs from Simply Bunk Beds.

I'm planning to avail of the great discounts offered by some of the Simply Bunk Beds promo codes I found. It's really very timely that I found those discount codes because they've made decision making easier for me in terms of choosing the store from which I can buy the kids' bunk bed.

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Suite 300
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