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   Simply Arbors is a premier provider of garden arbors at affordable prices. With more than 400 arbors, trellises, and accessories available for their customers, you'll definitely find something for your garden that suits your style and budget. Simply Arbors offers arbors and trellises made from different materials, including copper, iron, metal, vinyl and wood. They also offer pergolas and gazebos for your garden. Other accessories they offer include benches, gardening tools, gardening decor, screens, planter boxes, gates, side wings, and much more.
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Using Simply Arbors coupon codes for Picture-Perfect Arbors and Trellises

By LJ Ortega
July 28, 2009

My husband and I went to my sister's garden wedding held at my uncle's country house in Maine, which happens to be one of the most beautiful residential properties in the area. The day before the wedding, we flew down to Maine and reached the house around midnight. The interiors of the house took our breath away because it looked like something out of the movies -- you know, those classic Victorian houses with lots of antiques, mirrors and gilded furniture. I half-expected some glamorous movie star like Jean Harlow materializing in the grand staircase.

Anyway, my husband and I were so tired from our long plane trip that we did not get a chance to explore the rest of the property that night. We retired immediately to our rooms to get some much-needed rest.

It was only during the next day that I got to see the outside of the house. If the interiors were spectacular, the gardens were even more magnificent. I had seen the gardens before when I was a kid, but during that time the back of the house was just an endless stretch of plain land covered in Bermuda grass. The transformation was astonishing. My uncle has definitely outdone himself with the gardening.

Now the gardens are filled with neatly-trimmed bushes covered with the most gorgeous flowers, scattered in colorful profusion. Roses, azaleas, sunflowers and wild honeysuckle are all within plain view, making it a picture-perfect backdrop for a wedding. But what really got my attention were the arbors and trellises scattered around the property. I have always fantasized about having intricate trellises and arbors in our own house. There is something very dreamy, very magical about having these structures in your garden.

So I asked my uncle about them. He said that my aunt has always wanted to have arbors in their garden, so they asked around the shops in the area. They also researched about them on the internet. They discovered that it was more practical and convenient for them to buy the arbors and trellises online. He told me about the Simply Arbors coupon codes they found on the Internet. Not only did they get to shop online and enjoyed the convenience of doing it in the comfort of their own home, not having to go out and do the shopping in several distant stores, they were also able to appreciate and enjoy the big savings from their purchases online. They only needed to use their Simply Arbors promotional codes to avail of great discounts on the wooden and iron arbors that they bought.

The most magnificent arbors that I have seen in their gardens so far are the Royal Garden Iron Arch Arbor, which stands 7.5 feet, and the Ashbury Vinyl Arch Arbor, which is almost 9 feet tall. My uncle told me that if they bought those beautiful arbors from the shops around town, it would have cost them a lot more than what they actually paid for them. Because of the Simply Arbors promo codes, they ended up with considerable large savings from their purchases.

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