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   Sierra Club is America's oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization. This organization aims to explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the Earth. Sierra Club offers great gifts that help protect the wild. You can sponsor a wild place to get a unique and special gift for someone you love, as well as to support all Sierra Club’s efforts to protect America’s wildlands and wildlife. Sierra Club also provides high-quality outdoor adventures, such as canoeing, kayaking, camping, rafting, sailing and much more.
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Get into the outdoor adventure and help protect the wildlife with Sierra Club coupon codes. Experience the outdoor adventure of a lifetime without spending much. Simply use Sierra Club promotion codes to get discounts and deals.

Enjoy, Explore and Protect the Planet with Sierra Club Coupons

By LJ Ortega
December 15, 2009

My work team has been given a chance to have a team building that we will definitely enjoy. We will be availing of Sierra Club coupon codes to explore the great outdoors and help save the environment.

We were told that Sierra Club is America's oldest and most influential grassroots organization and it has 1.3 million members working together to help protect the planet. We are all very excited to travel and explore the wonders of nature at the most affordable price using the Sierra Club coupons.

Everybody in the team is in the process of readjusting our schedules for the entire first week of next month because we have a new project that needs tedious work, not to mention our full attention, especially in the initial stage of framework development.

This is actually a surprise project that wasn't delegated to our team in the original strategic plan for the year. Our boss had to meet me separately for a thorough discussion of why he's assigning this project to my team. I told him about our ongoing project that would run for the next two months and that I would need additional manpower if the team would be taking on another project simultaneously.

After careful consideration, my boss said he would talk to the other team leaders to ask if they could lend me their team members to help with the new project. But the other team leaders would also need to check their own team's work calendars to see if they could afford to spare some of their staff for a few weeks.

After that meeting with the vice president, I immediately called for an emergency meeting with the entire team. At first, the team wasn't too happy with the idea of diverting our focus from our existing project to a new one. I understand where they're coming from because I know their dedication and attachment for each project we handle. They simply don't want to lose focus and see our project suffer the consequence.

But I assured them that our project would still have the full attention it needed because we would be having additional manpower to help with the incoming new project. After an hour of deliberation, we compromised to divide the team and have the other half oversee the new project. The additional manpower would just provide supplementary assistance to the two projects.

This is why we're having a team building session. We need to strengthen our work team especially now that additional staff from other teams have been reassigned to temporarily help us with our projects. It's very timely that the Sierra Club promo codes are offering some really affordable promotional deals that made our office management readily decide to give us a team building trip we are sure to enjoy and learn a lot from. It's an activity that will make us bond together better as a team so we can all function as one in our upcoming project.

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85 Second Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105



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