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   Shoes for Crews is a global leader in providing slip-resistant footwear. With its mission to provide safety and satisfaction, Shoes for Crews offers the most effective and affordable best slip-resistant footwear. Their products include athletic footwear, dress shoes, clogs, work boots, casual and more. Shoes for Crews products features cushioned insoles for absolute comfort. It also features a foam-core midsole that makes the shoes light. Their shoes are made from exclusive rubber compound and a grid pattern that actually pushes liquids away and aggressively grips the microscopic roughness of the floor surface.
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Shoes for Crews coupons: keeping you on your toes without falling over your budget

By Marian Shepard
January 21, 2010

The day that Sophie discovered Shoes for Crews coupons, she had come home smelling of spaghetti and meatballs. It was the third day in a row that she'd ended up wearing a good part of what she had attempted to serve to a customer at the diner where she worked. Someone was being a little too enthusiastic in mopping the floor, and that, coupled with the lunch rush, heavy dishes, and hungry customers, had caused her to repeatedly lose her footing and send dishes flying.

She was just washing the last of the Italian dish from her hair when her roommate Carlie appeared. Carlie worked as a nurse at one of the local clinics, and was sure-footed as she was confident. She took one look at her roommate and asked, "Rough day?"

Sophie nodded and went straight for the computer, determined to find an online provider for decent shoes that could hold on to the diner floor in the middle of the busiest hour. She could hear Carlie continue talking as she browsed though outdoor gear, looking for shoes with spikes. "I'm going to have to get me some decent shoes," she told her roomie. "The leather ones I have keep messing up my rounds."

"Why don't you get a pair like mine?" Carlie asked. Sophie looked up her to find that she was holding up a pair of study, serviceable shoes that looked like they were Mary Janes. She couldn't wear those at work, the soles were too slippery. But then Carlie turned them over and she saw that the soles were actually textured rubber, perfect for walking on vinyl tiles. "These are perfect for the emergency room, when I can't afford a slip-up," explained Carlie. "They're also really nice on the feet, good for doing rounds. They're really light, and they don't hurt - even after double shifts!"

"They must have cost a bundle, then," Sophie protested "I can't afford shoes like that on my salary!"

"You don't have to. I have Shoes for Crews coupons. The shoes are practically a bargain after you type in the code when you buy them online." Carlie flipped open her own laptop and soon had sent Sophie a link to the online coupon codes that she needed, as well as a link to the website that sold the shoes.

Sophie was delighted. She'd never seen so many kinds of shoes that were especially made for men and women who worked on their feet all day. There were athletic shoes, shoes for work, and dressy shoes - all boasting of superior traction and support. As she keyed in her Shoes for Crews promo code, she knew that she won't be slipping up on the job much longer.

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