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By Alexis Andrews
November 14, 2008

Whether you are a serious runner in pursuit of joining marathons or a casual one who simply wants to shed the unwanted pounds, it is important to choose the best running shoes for you – so you can get ahead. After all, the most important part of any runner’s kit is what he wears on his feet. That’s where Finish Line comes in, the leading athletic retailer specializing in sport-inspired brand-name footwear, apparel, accessories, and Finish Line coupon codes. The store is home to some of the best and valuable running shoes – or trainers, runners, sneakers, whatever else you call it – in the market, what with brands like Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Puma, Mizuno, Reebok, Brooks, and Asics, among others. No matter your budget, you can easily and effortlessly choose from Finish Line’s selection of kicks, which range from 25 dollars to 150 dollars.

Before you get too excited and search the Internet for Finish Line coupon codes, it is essential first that you understand how to choose the best running shoes for you. This can make all the difference in the world between health and injury, comfort and pain, and winning and losing. Ask yourself the question: what type of running will I be doing? And on what terrain? Maybe you need trail running shoes designed for off-road running. Or tracers for the track work you are planning to be doing. Don’t make the mistake of looking for shoes with popular logos, or shoes that everyone is talking about, because there is a very slim chance anyway that such a pair will be ideal for every type of runner.

Also, you’ve got to know what type of feet you have, and which pair of shoes will fit best. Know the shape of your two feet. If you have a normal-sized arch on your foot, it is best to look for stability in your running shoes with good control features. If you are flat-footed, and if the outside of your heel rolls inwards excessively, you can prevent injuries while running by opting for motion control shoes, with firm midsoles and good stability features. If you have a high-arched foot and there’s a very sharp curve along the inside of your foot, then choose well-cushioned running shoes, with enough flexibility to encourage foot motion. Moreover, the more you weigh, the more support and durability you will need from your sneakers – and this is true especially if you plan to be serious about long-distance running.

Understand pronation. This word is used to refer to the rolling of the foot from heel to toe through the foot strike, as you run. A neutral pronation is hitting the outside of the heel and to the ball of your foot evenly across the front, and is considered a natural way of reducing the stress of impact on your foot. If you underpronate, it’s best to make a choice among cushioned running shoes. If you, meanwhile, overpronate, then keep in mind that motion-control running shoes will suit you best.

There is a wide range of shoes and Finish Line coupon codes to choose from, but another thing to do before finalizing your purchase is to make sure you get the right size. The fit of the running shoe should be snug, but not too tight or too wide that it causes discomfort. Make sure that the heel of your foot will not be sliding up and down. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get ahead, and that your sneakers might not last you in the long run.

Looking for the Best Basketball Shoes for Me

By Alexis Andrews
October 08, 2008

School has just started and I am planning to try out for my senior high school basketball team. The first step towards that goal is looking for the best basketball shoes for me. I know that there are so many brands and models – Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Converse, Reebok, and And1, among others – and this has me somewhat overwhelmed at the moment. Shopping for the right pair can be a bit tedious, too, as sneakers have gone a bit pricey, but then again I have made it part of my mission to use shoes coupon codes or department store coupon codes – in order to get the best price on my purchase.

I have also searched the Web as well as the advice of top experts in order to determine which shoes are most appropriate for my physical build and my level of play. Here are a few of the tips that I have gotten:

Shoes are the most important equipment for basketball players. I don’t want to risk any kind of injury and sprain or break my ankle, so I have to examine the catalogs of shoes to know which ones offer the best ankle support and best fit for my feet. What with the constant starting, stopping, jumping, and lateral movements that basketball play requires, I have to prioritize support, foot stability, and shock absorption. Also, the shoes must have good traction. That way, I can be as aggressive in my style of play as possible and not worry about slipping on the court. I can’t play passively especially if I am being asked to lead my team to victory!

Know what type of player you are. Falling a few inches short of six feet, I play the point guard position. I can run fast, use my agility, and move quickly from point A to point B, but I may not have the strength that other bigger and more defined players have. Thus, I should look for the models that are designed with a high ankle cut, and that which are lighter, such that I can take advantage of my quickness and speed on the court. There are specialized sneakers that have straps or special lacing systems in them for better fit and enhanced stability; these would help a lot in complimenting the type of player that I am.

Look for durability. Seeing that I may be playing basketball all throughout the school year, I am looking for basketball shoes that are built to last. I can’t wear shoes whose outsoles are going to crack after just a few games, be it on the hardwood or on asphalt ground. Now, Nike and some of the other top brands may have just what I am looking for, but they may be very expensive. That’s why I am compiling coupon codes, Sears catalog codes, Kohls promo codes, and coupons – as soon as I have singled out a specific model from a specific brand, then I can save big by selecting which store offers the best price.

Shoes and Coupon Codes for All Occasions

By Alexis Andrews
September 15, 2008

Fall is here, and with it comes my burning desire to treat the street like a catwalk. Yes I am a man, but does it say anything about my manhood if I wish to be fashionable? I love my shoes, you see, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to use the right pair for the right occasion. Of course, none of this would have been without coupon codes.

Which is what an online shopper should always remember to use. With my shoe shopping compulsion, I have acquired, using coupon codes, many different kinds of shoes at incredible bargains.

I have my dress shoes – for Sunday church, for walks in the park, for lunch and afternoon tea with good friends, or a quick visit to the latest installation in the town museum. From an online store called I got myself a pair of black Florsheim’s John Oxford casual dress shoes for less than 100 dollars: an obscenely good deal.

I had also bought from the Internet one pair each of sandals from The North Face and Sanuk. These are my favorite brands; they remind me of how, when I was younger, I surfed at the nearby beach every summer’s day. The shoes are so comfortable, and so soft and nice to wear, that one can actually mistake the feeling as having put on a pair of socks. I wear these shoes when walking my dog round the neighborhood and grabbing an iced coffee at the corner of our block. No need to be formal!

Of course I cannot do without my Skechers Men’s Citywalk Sweepers, purchased for only 70 dollars because of coupon codes from the Skechers store. The shoes are very functional: while they don’t look too informal because of the smooth leather upper, they’re not like formal leather shoes, in that wearing them everyday and running off to meetings in them don’t hurt my feet. The semi-rubber outsole also comes in handy when the weather is acting mischievously, for who wants to get their feet wet in the middle of an unannounced rain shower?

I’ll slip into my Timberland’s leather lace-up canvas shoes right after working hours. They are rugged, and yet has that sporty casual look which is appropriate for the kinds of places I go to during evenings: to have a drink, meet with friends, go dancing or clubbing, or maybe even sing karaoke.

Wednesday night, of course, means that I have to take from the closet my high-cut pair of Air Jordan Jaq Cross Training. I pack them inside my Nike sports bag, and then head off to the gymnasium where my company is holding a double round-robin basketball tournament. Now, I don’t exactly play like His Airness on the basketball court, but at least wearing his shoes gives me the confidence that I won’t get badly injured. And the joints not only look comfortable and light – they also look so cool, such that the heads of my co-workers/ teammates turn whenever I pass them by. Thanks to coupon codes from Finish Line, I got them for 50% off.

Loyalty, in the form of Coupon Codes

By Alexis Andrews
August 20, 2008

There was a time when shopping loyalty meant clipping tickets and collecting cardboard boxes, and having pieces of paper stamped by impatient salesladies at the retail store. Those were the days! Now, thanks to online shopping, loyalty – in the commercial sense of the word – has gone virtual. So we have said goodbye to the cards and are saying hello to coupon codes.

I’m one of those saying hello with a smile. You see, I have been collecting basketball shoes –“kicks" in the collectors’ lingo – for almost six years now, so imagine my delight when Sears made available on their website some of the hottest and rarest shoe lines ever. Like Chuck Taylors. And T-Macs. And Gil Zeroes. Weird thing is, I haven’t worn all of the shoes that I have bought. Some are still in mint condition and the day that I wear them may never even come. But I am a loyal buyer and relentless collector.

Before, in my early years of collecting, I used to spend hours inside a shoe store looking for a specific pair; sometimes the staff would tell me there isn’t any of that available, or that they were out of stock, and even if they weren’t, it didn’t mean that they had my size. It was even harder to get discounts.

Anyway, all that changed ever since I began to do my shopping online. Now, being a regular customer, I take advantage of coupon codes that help me save up to, say, 40 to 50% off of Converse’s new Chuck Taylors when I buy them from Sears, or some other retailers’ website. With the Internet, I can get the brand, model, size, and color I want – all at a cheaper price that I might not have expected.

My point is that, because of online shopping, my hobby of collecting shoes has not only become more convenient; it has also become less expensive. I am close to reaching a hundred pairs of shoes now: Air Jordans, Nikes, Adidas, Reeboks, what have you. (That’s why I need to get a new shoe rack and refurbish my closet!)

Along the way, I have learned how to look for the best deals online – as well as when to. There are retailers that reward your loyalty by advertising a sale on off-peak seasons, or by giving away discounts for a minimum amount of purchase. That, to me, is priceless. Otherwise I probably would never have been able to afford half of what I have now!

Speaking of “now", the timing has not been better. The Beijing Olympics is happening on the other side of the world. Do you know what that means? New editions of the hottest kicks in town! Kobe Bryant and the rest of the USA basketball Dream Team, for example, are wearing the new Nike Hyper Dunks – arguably the lightest shoes ever manufactured. And, since it’s back to school for most of the youth here in America, new discounts and coupon codes are on the way.



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