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   SeaBear Smokehouse offers a full line of seafood to customers in all 50 states. They offer great food at reasonable prices. They offer food for your family and friends, as well as food for healthy dining. SeaBear Smokehouse offers wild salmon, smoked salmon, salmon grilling fillets, appetizers, crabs, prawns, halibut, tuna, black cod, oysters, mussels, and many more. They also offer gift baskets and gift variety packs.
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SeaBear Smokehouse Coupons for Sumptuous Salmon Dishes

By LJ Ortega
December 13, 2009

It was timely that I found some SeaBear Smokehouse coupon codes because they gave me the perfect idea on how I can comfort a close friend of mind who recently got the most disheartening rejection. He was turned down by a potential client whom he thought was finally going to realize his life-long dream of seeing his screenplay turned into a real movie.

This friend called me last night to break the bad news and my heart broke from how dejected his voice sounded, along with his sniffles and his obvious attempt to hold back his tears. I completely understand where he's coming from. He was so close to fulfilling his dream and he really expected everything to work out as he planned. He even got a badge at the American Film Market late last year and got dozens of appointments to discuss possible plans for his movie. His disappointment from his potential client is such a miserable rejection that more than burst his bubble. It completely diminished his self-worth and his belief in his abilities.

I almost drove to his house last night to give him a hug. He just sounded so broken and I really felt for him. Instead, I just listened to him and tried to comfort him as much as I could. That's when the idea of giving him something to cheer him up came to mind. I decided to think of different ways to keep his mind off his recent disappointment. That's why the SeaBear Smokehouse coupons really provided the perfect means for me to cheer him up because they offer the best choices and affordable deals on various salmon dishes. My friend loves salmon, so I can almost imagine him salivating at the sumptuous salmon dishes I'll be ordering using the SeaBear promo codes.

This particular friend of mine goes way back in high school. Among our tight group of buddies, the two of us are the ones who really understand each other fully because we're both writers at heart. While I'm more into journalistic writing, he's always been inclined to write teleplays and screenplays. In fact, I was a great fan of his works even way back then.

Like the rest of our friends, we've managed to keep in touch and we constantly update each other on what's new in our lives. He did so much to cheer me up to keep my mind off that heartrending loss of my dream job as a star reporter in the major newspaper I applied for before. I find it amazing to this day how he knew when to say the right words and crack the right jokes to make me feel better then.

That's why I really feel obliged to do the same and return the favor by cheering him up now, which is exactly what he did to me when I was at my lowest. I'm bent on keeping his mind off that major bummer of a rejection so that by the time he thinks back on it, it wouldn't hurt as much. I'm thinking of different activities to cheer him up, but the first step will be to feed him what I know he's always been craving for, which I know is salmon. With the SeaBear Smokehouse coupon codes, it will be easy and affordable for me to choose the right salmon dishes that I know will make his heart and stomach swell with delight.

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Anacortes, WA 98221



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