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   Roxio is a leading provider of consumer digital media creation applications and offers easy-to-use products and media services that allows users to create, manage and share their digital media. Other than their online store, they also offer their products through major retailers including Best Buy, CompUSA and Staples, and direct marketers such as and CDW. Roxio offers a wide selection of digital media solutions, including CD and DVD burning, photo and video software, DVD playback, backup solutions, Mac products and accessories. Roxio software are bundles with the world's largest OEMs' digital media hardware, including Dell, HP, and eMachines. Few of their best selling products include Roxio Creator, Cineplayer DVD Decoder, and Roxio PhotoShow.
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Go Hollywood-style at Home with Roxio Coupon Codes

By Alexis Andrews
August 27, 2009

When I was younger, I wanted to be a filmmaker. I even once wrote a college essay describing my Hollywood aspirations, and also remember keeping a notebook in which I compiled trivia and notes from my favorite films. While it turned out that I eventually would venture into something else, my passion to create moving pictures hasn't waned. Slideshows, homemade documentaries, footages of events I attended and places I traveled to: all these make an extensive personal archive of how much I am prone to playing with photos and videos, and how fascinated I can become with digital media creations. Indeed, I try whenever I could to go Hollywood-style from the comfort of my own home, and my discovery of Roxio coupon codes will certainly go far in stoking that filmmaking fire in me.

Allow me to explain what Roxio is. It's the name for one of the world's leading providers of award-winning consumer digital media creation applications and innovative, easy-to use media products and services. The mission of the company is to empower guys like me to create, manage, and share digital media - in the most creative and convenient way possible.

Roxio has an impressive array of product offerings. There's Roxio Creator 2010, a media suite that lets me easily capture, enhance, save, and share photo, video, and audio projects. Not only that; this application also allows me to edit and burn movies fast and easy, complete with menus and chapters, like a Hollywood pro. Furthermore, with Roxio Creator 2010, I can rip CDs, digitize anything analog, create and mix playlists, create slideshows, and share these creations online and through other digital media avenues. Basically, it's an all-in-one media platform for buffs like me - which I hasten to add should be very affordable, provided that one uses computer software coupon codes.

Apart from the Roxio Creator 2010, the company offers a bunch of other creative software products known for their ease of use, integration, and broad compatibility with today's operating systems and formats. There is software, say, for transferring VHS to DVD, putting media creations on widescreen format, and creating high-definition video content. Roxio also has products for personalizing photos into powerful stories, stylizing and applying effects and transitions on slideshows, creating music CDs in popular formats, burning discs and batch converting digital content for playback on portable devices, creating podcasts, and even recording live performances. Roxio extras also include backup applications, decoder packs, and video capture USBs.

What's great about Roxio is that you can bundle their products and services with your digital media hardware. For a filmmaking fanatic like me, that's very convenient. There are also coupon codes that will save me money should I purchase Roxio products. For a filmmaking fanatic like me who can't really spend all my money on a dd, that's great value. That's why, when I stumbled upon a set of Roxio coupon codes on the Web, I literally jumped out of my seat. I can finally create like a real pro!

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