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   Rocky Mountain Trail is a leading provider of quality outdoor gear and equipment from your favorite brands. The company is committed to providing you with the best products available for you to enjoy the great outdoors. Rocky Mountain Trail offers an extensive selection of products, which includes backpacks, apparel, footwear, camping gear, climbing gear, mountaineering gear, luggage, tents, sleeping bags, accessories and more. Rocky Mountain Trail also carries industry-leading brands like Patagonia, The North Face, JanSport, Columbia, Marmot, DaKine, Oakley and more.
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Rocky Mountain Trail Coupon codes: making camp safety easy and affordable

By Marian Shepard
October 28, 2009

Safety is the first priority of any journey, especially if it's a hiking trip. People spend months preparing for any eventuality on annual camping trips, and hundreds of dollars on gear and equipment. This year, you can keep your budget safe as well by making use of online coupons that can save you a heap of dollars with your next camping purchase, like Rocky Mountain Trails coupon codes.

Camping prep usually starts with setting a date and then inspecting your camping gear and supplies. When roughing it out in the wilderness, you have to rely on your wits and your equipment, and when one of these fail, you could get into serious trouble. Check out every piece that you will be bringing on your trip for wear and tear, and repair or replace items as needed. Make a list of everything you'll need to replace and cut down on your spending by buying from a single location and using Rocky Mountain Trails coupons.

Start monitoring the weather report in the area where you plan to have your trip a few days before you set out. This will help you plan on what kind of clothing and sleeping bags you'll need to bring with you. Take note of the average highest and lowest temperature the area and use it as a basis for your selection.

To treat any unavoidable mishaps, make sure to have a basic safety kit with you. A couple of days before you go, re-stock it with fresh medicine and supplies. Aspirin, medical gauze, hot water bottles, materials for splints, bandages, burn ointment, sterile gloves, insect bite remedies, disinfectant, alcohol, iodine or hydrogen peroxide, a small tube of antibiotic ointment, cotton balls and buds, and a good supply of whatever necessary prescription drugs you may need. Pack this in a waterproof container and stash in a place where you can easily get to it, even on the road or on the trail.

Take along fire extinguishers for the camp site. While you may be very careful in setting up your campfire, you'll never know when things might go wrong, and it's better to be safe than sorry.

There's nothing like venturing out into the wilderness to explore, but to keep from getting lost in an unfamiliar place, always have a map and a compass on hand. The modern version of these tools is also available in the form of a global positioning system. The GPS is much more convenient, because not only does it tell you about where you are, it also tells you important things like elevation and allows you to mark off places on its internal map. You can mark your campsite on it, for example, and be able to find your way back.

Although it does cost quite a bit more than your conventional map and compass, it's a very good investment for any serious outdoorsman or woman. If you want to cut costs when purchasing a premium camping gps, you might want to use Rocky Mountain Trails coupon codes which you can find online to lower the cost of your purchase.

Remember, always ensure that every camping trip is a fun, memorable experience by putty safety first and investing in a little care with your tools and gear.

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