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Get Utmost Comfort and Savings with Rocking Chairs Coupon Codes

By LJ Ortega
June 23, 2009

We were in the furniture store yesterday shopping for a new reclining chair that we planned to add to our den when my son insisted on trying the rocking chair on display. After the store attendant allowed him to sit on the rocking chair, he simply rocked himself to his little heart's content. Seeing him there with that delightful look on his face made me want to trade my husband's requested reclining chair with a rocking chair that my son and I can both enjoy at home.

I myself am biased toward the rocking chair over the reclining chair because it is a reminder of the happy days of my youth when my sister and I would stay at our grandparents' ranch home in the summer. Before the sundown, our grandmother would always station herself at her rocking chair in the patio where she would finish the sweaters she was knitting for us.

When our grandmother wasn't seated at her rocking chair, my sister and I would often sit in it and talk about the most mundane things that fascinated our young minds. We would take turns sharing stories, laughing, and sometimes singing while we steadily swayed in the rocking chair. It happened more than a couple of times that we both fell asleep sitting side by side in the rocking chair, which was not a surprise because the patio provided the most relaxing ambiance for an afternoon siesta. The gentle humming of the trees as they swayed in the cool breeze and the rhythmic sound of the rocking chair as it swung me and my sister back and forth were enough to send us both to that comfortable realm of sleep.

My sister and I even talk about it from time to time even as we've grown older and had our respective families. Both of us just cannot forget how relaxing it was to fall asleep in our grandmother's rocking chair. That chair is actually one of the reasons why we always looked forward to spending summer in our grandparents' home. We remember the times when we woke up in the rocking chair and found ourselves under the warm cover of our grandmother's knitted blanket. She most probably laid the blanket on us when she found us both sound asleep in her chair.

Anyway, those were the nostalgic memories that came rushing back to me when I saw my cute son seated in the rocking chair in the furniture store. I suddenly wanted to have a rocking chair in my own home and relive that unforgettable comfort of rocking myself to sleep or simply relaxing my mind and body as the rocking chair swayed me at a steady pace.

Of course, I had to give way and buy the reclining chair which we came to the store for in the first place. My husband was already looking forward to seating himself in his new chair as he watched the playoffs on TV, so I couldn't deny him that expectation.

But as soon as I got home I searched online for the most affordable quality rocking chairs and found some Rocking Chairs coupon codes that offered big discounts on a wide range of rocking chair models. I resolved to avail of the Rocking Chairs promotional codes and get me and my son really excited on ordering our very own rocking chair.

I'm sure my husband would not object since I already got him the reclining chair he wanted. It's time for me and my son to get THE chair for us. Thanks to Rocking Chairs promo codes, I will be making the most savings from the purchase of our rocking chair.

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