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   Launched in 1999, RedEnvelope’s mission is to make gift giving—no matter what the occasion or circumstance—simple and fun. Through a unique assortment of gifts, many created exclusively for us, and our easy to use Web site and seasonal catalogs, we offer a shopping experience that’s inspired, modern and convenient. The name RedEnvelope comes from an Asian tradition in which gifts are often presented in a simple red envelope—a timeless symbol of good fortune, love and appreciation. We believe that whether a gift is a token of gratitude or a grand gesture of love, its giving and receiving is a cherished occasion in itself. RedEnvelope, Inc. was incorporated in California in June 1997 under the name “Giftworks Online, Inc.” and changed its name to “911 Gifts, Inc.” in December 1997. We reincorporated in the state of Delaware under the name “911 Gifts, Inc.” in March 1999 and changed our name to “RedEnvelope, Inc.” in September 1999.  

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Use RedEnvelope Promotion Codes for Great Gift-Giving

By Alexis Andrews
June 27, 2009

There's nothing sweeter and more heart-warming than to receive - and give - a unique, thoughtful gift: chosen, wrapped, and delivered with joy. A gift, after all, is one of the best ways to show our love to someone, be it a family member, a friend, a colleague, a lover. Just ask RedEnvelope, one of the best places to find gifts for any occasion. With a variety of unique gift ideas on which you can add an extra personal touch, Red Envelope continues a tradition carried by passionate gift-givers, even in these uncertain financial times.

Even as we feel the pinch of a tough economy right now, the essence of gift-giving cannot be taken away from us. We only have to be smarter about it. Here are several quick money-saving tips - as well as gifts and flowers coupon codes - to consider when shopping for gifts:

Make a list. The most expensive way to shop is compulsively, and without a sense of organization. So before you go hit the stores or visit online gift shops, make a list: of who needs a gift, of what you might give them, of how much your budget is for each recipient. This will help you stay away from unnecessary - and potentially financially disastrous - purchases.

Shop online. Sometimes, items you'll find in a store will cost the same or even cheaper on the Internet. You also get to save up on gasoline expenses or taxi fares. RedEnvelope, for example, not only offers a magical gift shopping experience, it also allows you to use RedEnvelope promotion codes which you can use to get that unique gift item at a great price. So shop around the Web and discover the most trusted stores and suppliers of great gifts.

Take advantage of great deals. Remember coupons? Well, you can save an awful lot using them when shopping - even online shopping. Just do a quick search to find them; there are plenty of coupons, online deals, and promotion codes which you can use to earn great savings from your online purchases. If you're shopping at a physical store, one of the things you can do is make a coupon book to bring with you so you're entitled to great discounts and free redeemable items. Another thing you can take advantage of is the rewards programs for your credit card. Sometimes, the gift certificates and items that you get from those points can be given away as gifts.

Be creative and aware. Use untraditional gift wrap like comics or glossy magazines. Be on the lookout for items on sale. Visit thrift shops or stores where you can trade your item for another without

shelling out any cash. Even better, make your own, personalized gift.

Wise shopping, wiser shipping. If you are ordering gifts from catalogs or from the Internet,

the best option is to have it delivered straight to the address of the recipient. That way, you avoid paying for charges for gifts that have been shipped to you; you also avoid the shipping charges for forwarding it.

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Use RedEnvelope Promotion Codes for Great Gift-Giving

Contact RedEnvelope:

P.O. Box 600040
San Diego, CA 92160-0040



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