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   RealNetworks is a provider of Internet media delivery software and services. The company is best known for the creation of RealAudio, a compressed audio format, RealVideo, a compressed video format and RealPlayer, a media player. RealNetworks also provides subscription-based online entertainment services like Rhapsody, SuperPass, and RealArcade, and for its media properties like and At RealNetworks, you can download RealPlayer, the best media player to play many audio and video formats, such as RM, MP3, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG and more. Be a SuperPass member and get a Premium Player with Equalizer, Video Controls, CD Burning and many advanced features. You also get to watch Movies, listen to Radio Stations from around the world and Documentaries, TV Series and more from their Premium Entertainment Library. If you want get a Free RealPlayer without these features, enjoy the RealPlayer with basic features such as the media player, media browser, the ability to sync with your portable music devices such as iPod, and more.
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Get the great benefits of media products from one of the best media software providers today. RealNetworks revolutionizes the Internet media and makes it easy for customers to access and enjoy the latest media technology. If you're looking for more savings when shopping for RealNetworks products, simply use RealNetworks coupon codes to get discounts and promos.

Use RealNetworks Coupon Codes to Get the Ultimate RealPlayer for Your Audio and Video Needs

By LJ Ortega
June 02, 2009

If you're a person who can't live without music or someone who doesn't seem to run out of videos to watch, the RealPlayer Plus is the computer software that can give you all your audio and video needs.

The RealPlayer Plus is the best media player downloadable online that can play almost all audio and video formats, including MP3, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, RM, among many others. You can avail of RealNetworks coupon codes for a RealPlayer Superpass membership and the access to the premium RealPlayer Plus that is equipped with notable features such as an equalizer, video controls, CD burning capacities and recording of streaming videos for a chance to watch them offline. You also get to listen to radio stations, play your favorite songs and even sync or them to your iPod or other portable music devices.

You can get the best deal on your RealPlayer Plus, available through the RealPlayer Superpass membership, with RealNetworks promotional codes because you get all the must-have features of a complete media player at the most reasonable and affordable price. You can also find some RealNetworks promo codes that offer free trial of the RealPlayer Plus so you get to experience the perks of being a Superpass member.

The RealPlayer Plus lets you stream over 1000 movies, TV series and documentaries from the RealPlayer Premium Library; transfer your music and video files to portable music devices such as your iPod and Zune; download videos from popular video streaming sites such as YouTube; and rip and burn your files into CDs and DVDs as well.

The video recording feature of the RealPlayer Plus gives you the option to watch your videos any time you want, whether online or offline, because you get to download virtually all video formats in their original quality and even record live video streams from the web. Burning all these video recordings into a DVD is also very easy, and you will soon get to enjoy your videos on your TV, laptop or any DVD-playing device as many times as you want.

You also get more control options with the RealPlayer Plus to give you the ultimate audio and video enjoyment. You have more control over your audio and video streams, and you can even pause, rewind and fast forward through live audio and video streams. You also get to enjoy the new TurboPlay feature that improves your audio and video streaming for faster loading, quicker start and smoother playing over all types of connection, whether you're using dialup or high speed broadband.

So getting the RealPlayer Plus now through a RealPlayer Superpass membership will really give you the edge in enjoying ultimate audio and video satisfaction. Start enjoying all these remarkable features and get free trials and attractive discounts with RealNetworks coupon codes.

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