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   Puritan's Pride is a leading Internet retailer of discount vitamins and herbal supplements. They offer the finest quality products at the best value. The company manufactures thousands of quality vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutritional supplements. Puritan's Pride offers one of the largest selections of vitamins and health supplements. They also offer health products for various conditions, including those for your digestive health, hair care, joint support, immune support, weight management and much more. With its commitment to quality, Puritan's Pride also uses its global resources to identify and acquire the most bio-active nutritional ingredients for their products.
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Be Healthy and Fit for Less with Puritan's Pride Coupon Codes

By LJ Ortega
December 13, 2009

I spent the whole day researching about all kinds of diet and fitness regimens and looking for promo deals that will allow me to embark on a new lifestyle of healthy living without spending more than necessary.

When I found some Puritan's Pride coupon codes and saw the great deals they offered on a vast selection of vitamins, dietary supplements and other health pills, I knew that I could really start on my plan to be a vegetarian.

My motivation to become a vegetarian was inspired by a good friend of mine who is also a mother of two, Estella. I used to think that it's impossible to survive for long without eating meat before I saw her again recently. In fact, I couldn't imagine life without eating meat until Estella told me she had become a full-fledged vegetarian.

Estella invited me and my family to her house for a simple dinner to celebrate her first year of being a vegetarian. I was surprised when she told me that I didn't need to fret about the children not being able to eat the dinner she would serve because she would cook veggie meats that looked and tasted just as good as real meat. She assured me that the kids would hardly notice that they're not eating the real thing.

I was surprised further on the day we came for dinner and a brightly smiling and impressively slim Estella greeted us at the door. I couldn't imagine a person who had survived solely on vegetables for a whole year to look so glowing and sincerely happy. But Estella was there, standing in her full thin glory, far from the sight I imagined when she first invited me for dinner.

I complimented Estella on her slim figure and she returned the compliment by saying that I had not aged since she last saw me. When she said that, the image of the Estella I last saw a year ago flashed through my mind. She was about 160 pounds heavy then, a far cry from the 110-pound woman standing before me last night.

During dinner last night, Estella recalled how she chanced upon a television show one day where a group of women were sharing their beauty secrets in a talk show. She said that she couldn't help but exclaim when the women revealed their real age. Judging from the posture and slender bodies, she said, the women could easily pass to be in their 30s, although they're already in their 50s. According to Estella, one of the women shared that her secret was in regularly doing yoga and being a vegetarian.

That inspired Estella to read books and explore the principles of being a vegetarian. She spoke with other vegetarians and asked for their insights, and then she bought cook books and special magazines that taught how to prepare vegetarian meals. She also enrolled in a yoga class to calm her mind. She said that the new outlook that yoga gave her about food and life made it easier for her to adapt to her lifestyle change.

The dinner with Estella really made a great impact on me and I resolved to try the healthy lifestyle she had been raving about. I can really make great use of the Puritan's Pride coupons because I'm going to need various dietary supplements as I embark on the new challenge of eliminating meat from my diet.

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1233 Montauk Highway
PO Box 9001
Oakdale, NY 11769-9001



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