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A 5-Minute Guide To Start Wakeboarding Like A Professional While Saving Cash With Coupon Codes

By Paul Andrew M. Sandalwood
May 18, 2009

Wakeboarding is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by persons of all ages. The “wakeÂ" refers to the torrent of spray that a fast boat leaves behind while coasting the water. Although it requires a bit of practice carving the water like a pro, here are helpful tips and advice to get you at least ride your board safely without mishap (and impress your friends in the process one way or another):

1. Always keep your back flat on the water before attempting to “standÂ" on your board. Apart from positioning your knees slightly bent so you can get up easily as soon as the boat reaches the desired gliding speed, keep the board and support rope handle perpendicular to the direction of the boat at all times to make the transition from supine to standing position as smooth as possible.

2. Never attempt to stand up before the boat reaches the ideal wakeboarding speed or you will be thrown down forcefully. Wait for the craft to reach no less than 55 to 63 miles per hour before even trying to rise up. As soon as you are upright, swing your dominant foot in the direction of the boat to start gliding on the water. Believe it or not, this is the toughest part of learning how to wakeboard and requires a great deal of practice.

3. Always keep in mind to leave all your jewelry and accessories behind. While it may be cool to wear your finest ornaments while wakeboarding, the chances of snagging them on the support rope are riskily high once you are in the water. Put on a pair of flexible goggles instead to prevent water from entering your eyes at great speed.

4. Constantly put your weight on the balls of your feet while gliding on the water. Always remember that the board will go in the direction that you will point your toes at. Practice by sliding along the wake and back a few times and you are good to go for more advanced moves.

5. Being extreme doesnÂ’t mean getting careless, so strap on a lifejacket whenever you go wakeboarding. Besides being an essential factor in keeping the activity as safe as can be, most wakeboarding mishaps wonÂ’t end up fatal if the rider has a lifejacket on.

6. Wakeboards are like clothes. To get the most out of your board, choose one according to your height, weight, skill level and size. Try to bring a more experienced pal along when you go out shopping for a board. Apart from getting the lowdown on the best boards available, you will also have an idea where to buy one without draining most of your cash.

While wakeboarding can be fun, spending a lot on wakeboarding gear can be quite the opposite. Begin using coupon codes and get access to the best wakeboards without putting up with ridiculous rates.

On a similar note, getting the most out of your money to grab the best sports and outdoors labels is not that tough, really. Start making use of sports and outdoors coupon codes and get the finest products without breaking your budget apart.

While coupon codes can make you load up on the most excellent wakeboards accessible for less, begin using e-offers and shop for the products you have been dreaming for a long time without overspending. Now, apart from getting a hold on premium brands, your shopping episodes wonÂ’t be the same ever again!

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