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By LJ Ortega
September 29, 2009

We're done with the renovations in our home but I feel that the overall look is still incomplete because I have some last minute home furnishings to do. I'm getting stressed out because I need to finish it soon because the much awaited reunion with my closest college friends will be next week already and I've already committed our home as the venue for the reunion.

It was a rather amusing thought last month when I volunteered our house for our reunion potluck dinner. I already knew of our plans to have our home renovated then, and I was excited to show my friends how beautiful my interior designing of our home would be. Well, that was last month. Now, as the days whiz by and the date of the actual reunion ticks closer, it's no longer such an amusing thought. Instead, thinking about it makes my stomach acidic from worrying that my house will look awful when my friends arrive for the reunion. Clearly, my enthusiasm at inviting my friends over at my house has turned into a feeling of dread as the date draws near.

I had thought that my home would be a perfect venue for my friends to feel comfortable in and delight in an endless chat about each other's lives and to catch up on the years of having little or no communication at all. But now that the big day is just a week away, I'm starting to wish that the reunion was being held elsewhere. I guess what's giving me the most stress is our unfinished backyard, which I've been particularly planning to show my friends. I was expecting to hear their oohs and ahhs when I showed them the lush greeneries of my yard and the other fauna that I chose to further embellish the place and achieve the perfect ambiance I desired. But looking at the incomplete state of my yard gives me nothing but dismay nowadays.

I knew I needed to do something quick to give my yard a finished look, and I knew that I needed to buy several plant stands to make the place look more attractive. As I went ahead and looked for some promo deals that gave big discounts on a wide variety of plant stands, I found a few promotional codes online that offered just the right deals I wanted.

With the promo codes, I get discounted access to a great assortment of high quality plant stands that will surely make my home and garden look beautiful. The coupon codes give big discounts on over 150 plant stands that are perfectly designed for indoor and outdoor plants.

Somehow, finding the coupons has managed to lessen the stress and anxiety I'm feeling toward my upcoming reunion with my friends. If anything, they have given me renewed hope that I can afford to give our home renovation a finished look and let me beautify my yard and garden at a much lower price.

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