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   PETCO offers the best products for your pets at unbeatable value. Make your pets healthier with high quality pet meds and supplies. PETCO offers a wide assortment of pet products for different types of pets. They also carry the best pet brands in the industry. PETCO offers supplies for dogs, cats, fishes, small animals, ferrets, reptiles, birds, and more. They offer pet clothing, pet food, flea & tick solutions, pet houses, beds, toys, grooming products, collars, feeders, vitamins and supplements, and many more.

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How to Groom Your Dogs Professionally While Saving Money With PETCO Coupon Codes

By Paul Andrew M. Sandalwood
May 18, 2009

Show pedigree or not, all dogs require proper grooming to stay in great shape. Besides steering clear from numerous health hazards that can imperil the lives of our furry friends, grooming is one smart way to keep our pets as presentable as can be.

In the midst of the proliferation of modern pet care products and technologies, nearly all dog enthusiasts still don’t have a clue how to groom their pawed charges appropriately. While over grooming can possibly inhibit the development of nourishing oils that keep the coat radiant, neglecting to take care of small details can affect the health of your pet sooner or later as well.

Below you will find helpful tips and pointers on how to keep your dog regularly spiffed up without having to drain most of your cash on pet grooming products:

1) Keep in mind that our canine friends require a different set of grooming tools like nail clippers, coat brushes and ear cleaners. Never use those particularly made for humans or else you will end up inadvertently hurting your pet.

2) Always brush your dog’s coat with a slicker brush before washing it to remove any loose hair. Apart from untangling bristles that can make your pet uncomfortable while shampooing, brushing also gets rid of unwanted parasites, such as fleas and ticks, which may have settled in between the hairs. Never wash your dog unless you have finished cleaning all of its other vital body parts like the eyes, ears and nails.

3) Wipe your pet’s eyes with a soft, clean cloth to remove any dried-up discharge that could harden and irritate your dog’s vision. Make sure to check for any unusual secretions and marks around the eyes that are often signs of sickness. Never attempt to cut any stray hairs that are growing along the linings of your pet’s eyes. Have your veterinarian do it for you instead.

4) Keep your dog’s ears free of grime and excess wax by regularly swabbing it with cotton balls treated with a mild cleaning solution. Always make certain to warm the solution first by immersing its container in pre-boiled water. Your pet’s ears are lined with sensitive nerves that are susceptible to prickliness when exposed to cold liquids.

5) Protect your dog’s teeth from decaying prematurely by consistently brushing them using a special toothpaste that can be bought in most pet shops. Unless your pet dislikes the sensation of plastic bristles touching its gums and teeth, use your fingers instead. Put on some disposable gloves and pluck the plaque off with slow, methodical flicks. Excessive plaque can lead to periodontal disease as well as liver and kidney problems when digested heavily.

6) Nails that are left uncared for can twist out of shape and make walking difficult for your pet. While human clippers will suffice for puppies, use specialized ones on older dogs. Avoid clipping too much or you can accidentally snag a blood vessel. A bit of antiseptic and corn starch should stop any bleeding when you hit a blood vessel by mistake.

7) Unless your dog is not twitchy in the presence of water, tether it in place with a flexible cord before beginning to wash it. Take your pet’s collar off to prevent it from getting wet. Collars that are not fully dry can cause sores around your dog’s neck. Using a mild dog shampoo, remove dirt and grime that may have stuck to its coat, legs and belly. Avoid getting any on its eyes and the insides of its nose to avoid irritation.

8) While toweling is the best method to dry off your dog, some hairy breeds require blow-drying to completely get rid of moisture. Always make certain to keep the paws as dry as possible to prevent the growth of harmful fungus that can set off rashes and lesions in the leg regions.

However, keeping your dog as healthy and presentable as ever can be quite tough on your finances. Rather than settle for low-quality labels that can put the wellbeing of your canine buddy at risk, why not make use of PETCO coupon codes and load up on premium items without overspending?

As a matter of fact, keeping your dog in great shape doesn’t need to be costly or difficult. Begin using pet supplies coupon codes and you are guaranteed to get access to some of the finest labels accessible these days without making your budget go haywire.

Dogs require grooming not only to preserve their beauty, but to keep them clean and in their top form at all times. Conversely, while grooming should be carried out frequently, there are certain things to keep in mind to make it as pleasurable as possible for your canine pal – and your wallet. Begin using PETCO coupon codes get the best pet products in the business for a fraction of the cost!

While at it, why not start making use of e-offers and get ready to shop for the most superb items without having to put up with ridiculous price tags? Your shopping encounters are guaranteed to become more fantastic!

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