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You as a pet owner will have an assortment of needs. You have to insure your pet’s health. You have to find the right food and supplies – as well as treats and toys – for your pet. If you’re pet is sick, you’re also going to have to find pet prescriptions and proper pet care services. But can you do all this at a price you can afford?

Use Coupon Saver’s list below so you can make that happen. We have pet supplies coupons, coupon codes, promos, promo codes, deals, and free shipping options which you can use so you can show how responsible a pet owner you are. Whatever you need –aquarium, flea and tick products, food storage, litterpans, cages, playpens, toys, pharmaceutical products– Coupon Saver has got you (and your pet) covered.
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Cutting out the excess spending in your pet’s grooming costs is easier than you think

By Marian Shepard
March 19, 2010

Even pets feel the economic crunch when their owners are affected by the financial crisis. When harder times befall a household, one of the fist things to go is pet grooming services. After all, while pet food cannot be easily grown or made, their owners can very well groom any dog or cat easily.

However, just because one has to tighten one's purse strings doesn't mean that a pet shall have to live completely unkempt. It's still important that a pet gets proper grooming, or else it could suffer from matted and painful snarls in its fur, skin diseases such as eczema and allergies, cracked paw pads, and even possible flea and tick infestations. Such problems arise from neglecting a pet's grooming needs, and can quickly become a serious health threat.

To be able to care for your pet properly without spending too much on his or her grooming needs, you need to be aware of the alternatives to expensive professional grooming services, as well as affordable places to purchase grooming products for your pets.

A pet owner should also be aware of the common tricks of the trade that make pet grooming a breeze on the budget. Here are a few tricks that economical owners and groomers make use of:

· Rub in some cornstarch before you start brushing out a pet's matted fur. The common kitchen ingredient facilitates the untangling of the fur. Do this before immersing him or her in soapy water so that you don't make the matting any worse.

· Any old scissors will do when cutting out mats in fur, but don't settle for any old pet grooming brush. This is one area where you may have to choose to splurge to get the right brush for your dog's fur. However, consider shopping for brushes online so that you can make use of online coupon codes offered by various pet supply stores. This way, you can still avail of special discounts as well as save on gas for the commute to a local store.

· Remember to keep the basics of pet care regular - bathing, brushing of teeth and fur, and nail clipping, done regularly, reduce the chances of serious problems arising due to neglected grooming. Keep in mind that it is always cheaper to prevent a possible problem than have to remedy it once it occurs.

· Part of grooming is making sure that your pets receive the right nutrients to make their coats healthy and shiny, and that they are free of pests. You can purchase relatively inexpensive pet vitamins and nutritional supplements online, making use of online coupons and promotions to lower the costs of these otherwise pricey pet needs.

The Hottest Pet Supplies Deals Are Online

By Alexis Andrews
October 23, 2008

All pet owners have an assortment of needs – and a number of questions. How do I properly take care of my pet and insure its health? Where can I find the right food and supplies, the most appropriate treats and toys, for my beloved animal? And, should my pet go sick, where can I find pet prescriptions, pet care services, and pet supplies coupons to make pet care more affordable? If you are one of those asking these questions, then read on. Below we have enumerated several of the hottest pet supplies deals and suppliers you will find on the Internet today.

PetCareRX is America’s leading online pet pharmacy, and it is where you can use PetCareRX coupon codes and discount codes to save up on all your pet medication and pet supply requirements. The store offers the same EPA- (Environmental Protection Agency) and FDA- (Food and Drug Administration) approved medications as your neighborhood veterinarian, although this time of course you can treat your pet at the comfort of your own home, upon the power of your mouse-armed fingertips. The online pet pharmacy is home to on-staff veterinarians and pharmacists eager to answer health-related inquiries and questions on online prescriptions. The store also has a wide range of medicines, healthcare products, supplies, accessories, toys and treats for your dog, cat, bird, fish, chinchilla, ferret, guinea pig, hamster and gerbil, rabbit, or reptile – thus promising itself to be the “most affordable and reliable source for ordering pet meds." What’s even better about PetCareRX is that they offer free shipping for a minimum purchase amount of $35.

PetFoodDirect, meanwhile, is a store that specializes in meeting the “nutritional needs" of your pet. Yes, sometimes it can be a pain to know which foods are healthy for your pet and which aren’t. The store, which carries over 11,000 different kinds of products from over 400 brands, caters to owners of dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, birds, small animals, and fish. Using PetFoodDirect discount codes will also help you save money when buying well-deserved treats and toys for your pet.

Thirdly, Pets Warehouse is a store that started out in 1974 as one which aided in breeding birds. Now it has grown to become one of the industry’s top retailers, with a website that attributes its success to unmatched customer care and an excellent understanding of pet owners’ issues, problems, requirements, and concerns. It also offers Pets Warehouse coupon discounts for its unique products, such as Halloween dog collars, derby hats for cats, milk replacer for kittens, speed clippers, and aqua pharmaceutical freshwater test kits, among others.

Regardless of the kind of pet you have, and how many you have to take care of, always remember to take advantage of the vast selection of products available online. Give it a try! You’ll be surprised that most of these pet products, items, and supplies can be delivered straight to your door, at a very affordable price (provided you use the stores’ coupons) that will have your budget and your pet covered.



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