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Preparing Easy-on-the-pocket Parties

By Sam Greene
October 24, 2008

Hosting a party is a rare occasion where you gather all the people you know, friends, old or new, officemates, neighbours, or even gatecrashers. May it be a Halloween party, birthday party, homecoming party, or whatever party you want to have. You make sure that everything is planned, and ensure that your guests would have a great time. It really requires sacrifice and dedication, and obviously, the cash. When I plan a big gathering, expect a bunch of guests to come. Of course, it’s free food for everyone! The hard part is how to have a perfect and memorable party, and minimizing it to the lowest possible cost. From the food, to entertainment, to your home’s cleanliness, even what to wear, it is quite pricey. Coupon codes are perfect for parties like this, and it has been very helpful to me the last couple of years.

First thing to do, I need to make sure my home is presentable to guests, because its appearance reflects more of me, as a person. If I don’t have the time to do my house for the party – clean, rearrange furniture, prepare party supplies and the likes – I can always get a function room in a hotel or make reservations for exclusive use of a restaurant. Another thing to consider is the mood, is it going to be a simple get-together, or a formal cocktail party. If it’s more of a shindig, I could have some music played from and just hang out and chill. But if it’s a formal party, I’d probably purchase wine, socialize with friends, and just enjoy the night.

The most important component of a party is the food. You never know the exact number of guests, so you better be prepared and make sure there will be no shortage of food. I could cook, with the help of, thousands of recipes to choose from to prepare scrumptious array of food. But with a very tight schedule, I could also order food by phone, or online.

Always wear the proper attire for the occasion. I wouldn’t wear Man Alive jeans in formal parties, and I definitely would not wear a Speedo swimwear on those types of parties. Though Speedo is indeed one of the top swimwear retailers in the world, considering it sponsors Michael Phelps and USA swimming team.

It seems like I’ll be spending all of my salary for the current month just for this party.. Hmm. Not so fast, I got promo codes, right? I’ll be turning a costly party into a smartly planned, unforgettable gathering. In moments like this, it’s not really about how much money, time, or effort you’ve spent, it’s the conversation with friends, the frequency of seeing each other, the small things between friends that count, that can’t be replaced.. That will surely last for a lifetime.



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