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   Only Slippers is a premier source of slippers for men, women, and kids. They offer a wide selection of products with over 500 different styles and designs. Only Slippers offers flip flops, booties, moccasins, scuffs, slipper socks, and much more. Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor, hard sole or soft sole, Only Slippers has everything you're looking. Plus, they also offer the best brands such as Hush Puppies, Lamo, Mineetonka, Acorn, Cozy, Woolrich, and many more.
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Get Great Discounts on Comfy Footwear with Only Slippers Coupon Codes

By LJ Ortega
May 02, 2009

What part of our body receives the most abuse that we’re not usually aware of? There are actually two – our two feet. Our poor feet bear our whole body weight for most of the day, constantly bringing us to one destination to another, and they receive even more torture when we wear the kinds of footwear that are not so foot-friendly.

This is why when we get home, we should at least give our tired and overused feet a much needed breather. We should change into some comfortable slippers that pamper our feet for a change.

Slippers have been around for several millennia, even dating as far back as 1478. Actually, the English word was traced to have been used in 1478, and it is said to be derived from the verb “to slip." In other words, this gives the notion of a footwear wherein the foot is slipped into it.

Often made of soft materials such as felt, terrycloth (or soft leather), plastic, rubber, or leather, some slippers are shaped like shoes wherein the feet are inserted through the top. But there are also slippers that have no heels so that the feet are slipped in the back. Through the years, so many slipper designs have become popular, most of them with colorful designs and/or decorated with cartoon characters, lively patterns and cute animals.

Slippers are also available in most shoe stores, but it is sometimes advisable to do some canvassing to ensure that you get the best deal out of your purchase. One way is to avail of shoe discount coupons that give useful promotional codes for a wide variety of shoe stores and products. The Only Slippers coupon codes are a good example of these promo codes that give you access to great discounts on so many selections of comfortable and trendy slippers.

By using an Only Slippers coupon code, you will not only be saving on your purchase but will also be introduced to an attractive collection of more than 500 styles of slippers that are separately meant for men, women and kids. Only Slippers has men slippers, women slippers, and kids slippers that come in booties, flip flops, moccasins, scuffs/open back, sheepskin, slip-ons, and slipper socks.

It’s really easier to feel relaxed at home when you can comfortably flop around the house in your cozy slippers. It’s also relatively easy to get the size of the slippers you need as well as those you want to get for your family members. Slipper sizing is a cinch because, unlike regular shoes, slippers only fall into five basic sizes. Ordering the right size of slippers is just a matter of translating your foot size from regular shoe to slipper.

Just a tip on choosing your slipper size: if you prefer your slippers to be a little big for that extra-floppy feel, consider moving a size up, but if you want your slippers to fit exactly, make sure you confirm the sizing of the particular slipper style you choose.

So go ahead and get yourself some Only Slippers promo codes and give your feet (and your budget) a much needed treat.

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12720 I Street Ste 200
Omaha NE 6813



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