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Breaking budget busting habits in the office

By Marian Shepard
March 18, 2010

The trick to surviving any financial crisis is not only to spend less, but to also spend wisely. This means keeping stricter track of one's expenses and cutting corners where you can - not necessarily doing without, but finding ways to spend less for materials of equal quality, and managing the amount of resources that are at your disposal wisely.

For example, one of the practices more and more businesses and private parties are adopting is choosing to purchase factory reconditioned electronic products instead of brand new. This effectively lowers the cost of electronics that are needed for an upgrade or need to be replaced, without compromising on the quality of such machines.

Often we mistake refurbished or reconditioned machines to be inferior to machines that are brand new - but this is almost always untrue. Refurbished machines are often sent back to the plant where they were produced for a number of minor reasons, which can range from a damaged package to simply having become "used" from being a display piece on the floor. When this happens, it's a simple matter of replacing whatever needs replacing, and the machine is as good as new.

However, US laws prohibit the sales of such machines as "brand new", and so they are shipped out and sold at a fraction of the cost of something that has just come off the assembly line. Some companies even specialize in selling these machines, and take pride in being able to reduce their prices even further for the customer, offering coupons, coupon codes and various promotions to encourage consumers to avail of these products. One such company is, and coupon codes are some of the hottest coupons that smart buyers look for online.

Another budget-saving technique is to go around the office with a critical eye, noting where there is an excess of usage of resources. For example, do computer terminal power cords stay plugged into power outlets overnight? Even when the machine isn't running, as long as the electrical current is unbroken, the machine continues to consume electricity. It's only a residual charge, allowing the machine to start up faster, but these still rack up electric bills.

Make sure that someone unplugs all but the most essential terminals (such as data servers) at the end of the day, and it will cut your office electricity bills drastically.

Finally, never underestimate the wisdom behind the old adage, "waste not, want not". On top of using coupon codes and coupons to purchase basic office supplies such as pens, folders, and manila envelopes, and the like, you should start an awareness campaign in your office, encouraging employees to use up both sides of paper when writing down notes, reusing rubber bands and paper clips instead of just chucking them into the wastebasket. You'll be surprised how many paper clips and half-used pens end up in the trash can before their time. You'll also be pleased to know that by busting the "just toss it" attitude at the office, you'd have saved a decent amount of money at the end of every month.

Save Money, Save the Environment with Coupon Codes

By Sam Greene
October 29, 2008

Have you ever thought of saving money, and saving the environment at the same time? Or purchase something with the same quality, and pay less? Coupon codes are here to give great deals for everyone, and for the environment. And now is your chance to give love for Mother Earth. Printers nowadays have been the primary tool of creating hardcopies of documents and graphic images. And its manufacturing methods have also evolved. The demand for ink cartridges and laser toners has significantly increased especially remanufactured cartridges, which costs lesser.

Remanufactured cartridges and toners are not just affordable; it saves other supplies from being used to manufacture new ones by means of recycling. Instead of dumping old cartridges and empty toners to your garbage, you can give it or sell it to companies who remanufacture these materials. Cartridges are composed of plastic, and it doesn’t easily decompose. Also, without proper cleansing, the excess ink from the cartridge also contributes to the waste. So it is ideal to recycle or reuse these cartridges than just throwing it away. It helps preventing waste from going to landfills and avoids water pollution. and InkSmile offer remanufactured cartridges that are engineered and examined, from dismantling, cleaning, inspection, and reassembly, to provide the best quality printing for consumers. A broad selection of first-rate products for top brand names also ensures customers that it wouldn’t ruin printing quality, or even the printer itself. Think of quality rather than going for cheaper inks. With promo codes, this would save us money for our cartridge purchases. It is cost-effective, and at the same time economical. You are guaranteed that remanufactured cartridges are worth every dollar you spent, with its continuous warranty and satisfaction assurance. In the long run, your savings could help you buy a new printer.

The focal point of this concept is that you save money using discounts, get good quality products, and save Earth. It doesn’t get any better than that. As consumers, we should be aware of positive and negative effects that these products present to the environment. It is always important to take into consideration, that we should be smart, but responsible shoppers.

Home Office Building with the Help of Discount Coupons

By Alexis Andrews
September 10, 2008

I had long been planning to build my own personal office at home – a private workplace to discourage people who are prone to interrupting. (Cough, children, cough.) This is why, last week, I looked up the Internet for the best online deals and discount coupons for office supplies. There’s a cost-cutting motivation in not deciding to rent office space; to have shopped online and then conveniently find office furniture and supplies on the Internet –all of them priced to meet my budget– made me feel even better.

Being an architect, the first thing I needed was an art and drafting table. You know, that on which I can comfortably draw up plans, illustrate my ideas, justify their wildness, and, of course, place my cup of free-streaming coffee (architects like me need caffeine for precision and accuracy). And so from, I got a 37-inch-tall Mayline Four-Post Drafting Table, complete with tool and shallow drawers. It was shipped two days ago –fast and free (because I had used discount coupons)– and I easily fell in love with its smooth, thermally fused Birch laminate wood grain. Only a fellow architect would be able to relate to the adrenaline rush a smooth draft table can give me.

But anyway, what’s an office without pen and paper? Being the American boy scout that I am, I had already been armed with pencils and rulers, ink and charcoal, matte sheets, pads, and paper rolls. But I was surprised to find that I could actually get better deals from the Internet than from when I walk seven blocks to the nearest office and supply store. After having researched the products, compared the prices, and read the reviews, I now stock up by making all my purchases online. Buying something as seemingly inconsequential as a jaw-style staple remover, I was even able to save a few dollars!

But I didn’t want to compromise. If I wanted to work at home, then I would work in style. I had to put on some art, and décor, and other such fashionable miscellany. From the Furniture Paradise I purchased, using discount coupons, a relatively cheap walnut-finished Quartz Grandfather Clock with Westminster chime. From FranklinCovey I acquired a really handy desk valet, where I can put my pen and pencil tray and keep my electronic cords detangled and out of sight. Lastly, from I bought a Vintage Advertising Coca-Cola Wall Calendar – for no more than twelve dollars.

These unbelievable deals made my home office building a worthwhile endeavor. Not to mention affordable. These days, I won’t have to kick my wife out of the couch so I can turn off the TV and get on with my drafting blueprints for clients. I won’t have to spank my poor little boys for making too much noise while I am working. Thanks to office supply stores on the Internet, as well as to their discount coupons, I am loving (more than ever) what I do. Believe me: I didn’t think that was possible.



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