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   Office Depot opened its first store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1986. Today, it reaches millions of customers around the world, operating 1,600 retail stores in 49 countries and employing roughly 42,000 associates. Both online and in its brick and mortar stores, Office Depot leads the pack with the depth and breadth of its product offerings. It operates an approximately $4.2 billion online business, selling everything that can possibly used in an office – from furniture like desks, tables, lamps, chairs, and filing cabinets to smaller everyday items such as pens, pencils, paperclips and paper. Office Depot also offers a line of business solutions services – printing business cards, custom stationery, and marketing materials.
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Use Office Depot coupons and achieve an organized office space without overspending

By Marian Shepard
January 27, 2010

Part of being an efficient office is managing your available space, which means that as much as possible, every inch serves a purpose, if only ornamental. However, many times, this clashes with another part of being an efficient office - managing your spending. Luckily, a lot of suppliers now offer online coupons for most of their products and services.

Office Depot coupons, for example, are great for large-scale projects like re-organizing an office. These coupons have a considerable impact on office spending, especially when you consider the amount of money spent annually on supplies for organizing paperwork such as manila envelopes, folders, and filing boxes and cabinets.

When rearranging an office to make it more organized and efficient, there are a few simple steps to remember:

· Remove all furniture that is not serving a purpose or otherwise in the way. That means the coffee table that people keep tripping on, the large plant in the corner that might be harboring mosquitoes, and the filing cabinet that has gotten too small for the job it's meant to be doing.

This serves three purposes: first, removing the offending furniture makes the office look more spacious. Second, the extra space can be put to better use. Third, the space allows better freedom of movement, and unhampered access to other areas in the office.

· Whenever possible, use furniture that serves a dual purpose. For example, lobbies and reception areas can have couches that have filing storage underneath the cushions. This is especially important when space is in short supply.

· Prevent paperwork pileups. Have an inbox and outbox on every desk, and try to implement a turnover time for each one. Also, have a supply of folders and envelopes for filing, so that there's no excuse for not putting finished paperwork into filing cabinets. Use Office Depot coupons to buy these supplies in bulk to save on time and money.

· Have a system in place, and let everyone know what it is. Don't expect people to know that you file the year-end reports using the Dewy Decimal System - tell them so. Doing so will lessen the chance of people messing the current order up, and will save you from a lot of additional work and frustration.

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