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   NEATO manufactures and markets a complete line of labels and packaging for DVDs, CDs and mini-CDs. It also offers proprietary labeling software, address labels, and even labels for bottles and high-quality duplication services. High quality printing and a fine understanding pf technology define the company’s products, and the company continues to pioneer professional quality, short-run packaging. NEATO has revolutionized CD labeling by making it more efficient and affordable. Before NEATO, it cost an arm and buy die-cutting machines and the right printed to cut and print on adhesive paper to make labels. Now it’s easy to find affordable, fully customizable, perfectly centered, non-corrosive, and non-fading labeling solution for all your digital media needs, and then some.
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Neato coupons make it easy for you to save money while producing your own CDs or DVDs. Each Neato promo code allows you to avail of special discounts whenever your buy any of their revolutionary digital labeling solutions. Simply key in your Neato coupon code when you finalize your purchase and you can lower your purchase cost by a significant amount.

Print High Quality CD Labels with Neato Coupons

By LJ Ortega
August 29, 2009

If you always find the need to print labels for your CDs and DVDs, it is advisable that you get your own printing software and label printing equipment to save on printing costs. It will be an investment that will benefit you in the long run because you will soon reap great savings as opposed to always having your CD labels printed elsewhere every time the need arises.

You can avail of further savings if you look for some electronics coupons that will give you big discounts on your purchase. There are Neato coupon codes on the Internet that will give you discounted access to the original Neato CD labeling system.

The Neato coupons will give you the best deals on the tried and tested, dependable Neato brand. The Neato CD labels are guaranteed to be accurate, high quality and low-cost. You will surely get your money's worth and be delighted with the great savings you will get from the discount codes.

You won't regret trusting your CD labeling needs with Neato because it is a brand that takes pride in its good reputation and boasts of being the first to develop and continuously improve a CD labeling system that has been imitated but not exactly replicated by many companies.

Neato as a company was born from the need for cost effective and professional looking labels on a short production run of different CDs. The company then drew up its criteria for producing high quality die-cut labels that fit perfectly on CDs, a special software that would only print on the specified CD surface area, templates for changing from one label design format to another, and a centering device.

The company took some time to complete its research and initial testing to improve on its product and make it as perfect as possible. The people behind Neato recognized the importance of precisely centering the label on the disk and making sure the adhesive falls on the right spot. They were able to come up with a centering device by placing a metal disc that simulates the label on the filter base and lowering the CD-toting bob through the hole. The result of this was a perfect application of labels on CDs every time it was done. This garnered great admiration and delight from people, most of whom exclaimed "Neat!" or "Neato!" with every flawless production of labeled CDs.

You will surely be wowed the same way when you get a Neato CD labeling system for yourself. Not only will you be very satisfied with how neatly, efficiently, and conveniently the system makes you label your CDs, you will also be delighted by the great savings you will get once you avail of the Neato promo codes in your purchase.

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East Haven, CT 06512



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