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Save Money on Your Wedding Day with Coupon Codes

By Gabby Dell
May 15, 2010

Your wedding day should be a happy and memorable occasion. As much as possible, you should temporarily forget about problems and stress on your special day. But sometimes you cannot really avoid thinking of your wedding troubles, especially when you are planning your wedding. You just cannot help worrying about the costs of your dress, the catering, the cake, the souvenirs - everything. If this is your problem, then worry no more. There are ways to cut costs on your wedding day.

There are many things to think about when you are about to get married. The most important things are the where, when, and who. Where means the venue, when means the date and time, and who means the officiating pastor or priest, the entourage, principal sponsors, and guests. The less important, but still important nonetheless, things include the food, the entertainment, the music, the souvenirs, the invitations, the pictures, the supplies, and others. And of course, who could forget the bride's dress? All of these things are necessary when planning a wedding.

Now you must be wondering, how in the world could you save money on your wedding if you have to consider everything mentioned above? First, you have to start with the three most important things, the three Ws. You could save if you only invite a limited number of guests. That would solve the problem of the wedding venue; you do not have to look for a big location and there is no need to rent a lot of tables, chairs, and supplies. As for the time and date, you could save if you hold your wedding on a workday. Why not on Thursday or Friday? Most resorts, parks, and restaurants charge more during weekends and holidays and less on regular days. But first you should ask your close family and friends if they are fine with a non-weekend wedding.

Another thing that you could do to is to ask hep from friends and family. Instead of employing the services of a printing company, why not print your own invitations? Or if you like to do crafts, why not make your own souvenirs? You could also ask a photographer friend to take pictures of your wedding. And for small weddings, a caterer is not the only option. If you have family members, friends, and colleagues who are great cooks, you could ask them for help. The wedding cake could be baked by your mother, aunt, sister or cousin. You could even substitute other desserts for the wedding cake. Instead of the traditional white cake, why not cupcakes or brownies with white icing on top?

But if you still want to hire professional photographers, bakers, and cooks for your wedding, you could still save by taking advantage of coupons. Also, if you are having trouble figuring out the theme for your wedding and finding gifts for your guests, you should get coupon codes. You could personalize your wedding and find wonderful wedding ideas at And with coupon codes, you get to save a lot. Hopefully with these few ideas you can have an enjoyable but inexpensive wedding day.

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