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   Muttropolis provides your canine and feline companions with the highest quality pet supplies at affordable prices. Muttropolis offers a unique shopping experience for all pet lovers looking for the best products for their beloved best friends. From food to apparel, Muttropolis has everything you need for your pets. Other dog products from Muttropolis include collars and leashes, harnesses, dog beds, dog houses, dog carriers and strollers, car seats, toys, bowls, natural foods and treats, grooming products, flea & tick control, training supplies, and also clothing like dresses and sweaters. For cats, Muttropolis also offers cat food, treats, supplements, toys, collars and bowls.
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Housebreaking a Puppy is Easy and Affordable with Muttropolis Coupons

By Marian Shepard
December 21, 2009

A co-worker of mine just mentioned that Muttropolis coupons were very helpful in saving his family's sanity. I actually thought that he was referring to a medical institution before he proceeded to tell me about how they had rescued a young Yorkshire terrier puppy, their family's first pet. He had never had dogs, and was at a complete loss as to how to take care of the puppy. Luckily his wife had had dogs growing up, and had a good idea of what to do.

A quick search for online coupon codes took them to, an excellent source for dog training items that were affordable, easy to use, and good for the puppy. His wife's patience and dedication to the dog's welfare did the rest.

Unfortunately, a lot of new pet owners don't realize the implications of having a new puppy in the house, especially when the new puppy hasn't been trained or housebroken. Apparently nobody can truly predict the impact of a young animal who needs attention, guidance, food, water, and love on one's schedule. To make matters worse, these pets cannot understand a word you're saying, or the reason behind rules that you make. All they know is that they need to chew on something, or relieve themselves, and what better thing to do it on that what's on hand at the moment - be it your favorite Persian rug or your treasured Manolo Blahniks.

A lot of young animals end up abused or in pet shelters because they were adopted by a person or a family who did not think about the kind of care the animal will need or the demands puppies and other young animals place on a person's time and budget. Unprepared pet owners can get frustrated and end up giving the puppy up or abandoning it, and sadly, this happens all too often when it doesn't really have to.

A little online searching can easily give up pet training tricks and techniques for new pet owners. It can also lead to support groups for new pet owners who are looking for people who have been through the ordeal themselves.

My co-worker's family, for example, found an online group of yorkie owners and breeders that was dedicated to helping new owners of the breed cope. After a lot of discussion online, they helped my co-worker figure out how to train this tiny pooch without traumatizing it. They worked out several methods that could work for the dog and their family's schedule, and then it was time for some smart shopping for a dog crate, some bitter apple spray, a clicker, a good leash and harness, and toys and treats for positive reinforcement.

My co-worker said that the coupons made the shopping part much more bearable, and the group gave him the confidence to train his new pet the way it should be treated.

In just a little over five weeks, both dog and humans were happily co-existing in peace.

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