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By LJ Ortega
November 29, 2009

Our team has been assigned to attend to all activities and preparations for, and leading to, our company's 50th anniversary party next year and I have been in charge of being the overall-in-charge of the team. Over dinner last night, we brainstormed on different activities we would spearhead and thought of different ways to boost the employees' interest in the company's upcoming golden anniversary celebration.

We came up with the idea of having small employee activities to drum up the excitement for the upcoming grand event. We initially thought of having an Employee Day where the company can offer free spa and massage to employees. A month after the Employee Day, we thought of having an Employee Fair where the employees and their families could enjoy a whole day of outdoor fun.

This is also a great way for families to bond with their loved ones' colleagues and for the kids to appreciate the company their parents are working for. The employees would surely feel the importance that their company is giving them and their families. This suggestion generated more ideas and someone from the team suggested that various departments could set up their own booths for the fair. There could be different games per booth that would be enjoyable for everyone.

I suggested that the company should have a concert or a talent night prior to the big anniversary event. The company could mount a concert featuring professional performers as well as some employees who are gifted in singing, dancing and playing instruments. Everyone loved this idea and agreed that it would make the anniversary party truly a night to remember.

Since everyone seemed sold to this idea of a talent night for the employees, I wrote a report and proposal for it, which was readily approved by our big bosses. The announcement of the talent night among spread like wildfire among the employees and soon it was all we could hear people talking about in the hallways and anywhere during break time in the office.

Testament of how employees are taking the talent night seriously is the inquiry about the coupon codes, which are known to offer the best deals in sheet music and guitar tab downloads.

I heard that the coupons give people access to sheet music and guitar tabs for thousands of song selections that they can easily download and print in the fastest way possible. The employees are clearly very excited and serious about giving their best performances come talent night. They are doing all the necessary research and getting the best material for their production numbers, especially the music that they are accessing using the promo codes

The talent night will surely make our company's anniversary celebration the grandest affair our employees will ever remember. And it's rightfully so. After all, reaching 50 years is a milestone that many companies could only wish for.

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