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Affordable Arts and Craft Items for a Special Event with Coupons

By LJ Ortega
November 16, 2009

I got invited again to a charity event and it is an arts and craft activity for indigent kids this time. As soon as I was informed about this, I surfed through the vast collection of promotional codes online and chose some coupon codes to find the most affordable selection of arts and craft items I can buy for the children.

I always feel light-hearted every time I am invited to a charity event such as this, and I get to attend about three such activities per year because I let it known that I love participating in them. It feels good to know that there so many good people who are willing to put in a lot of their time and effort for noteworthy activities. Most of the time, these Good Samaritans get nothing in return but the fulfillment of knowing that what they are doing is all for a good cause.

Last year, although I was only invited to three different fundraisers, I was able to attend a total of eight charity events. I'm always looking for such events, and I usually ask around or search online for any fundraising activity nearby. One of the many reasons why I like attending such events is the strong positive energy that seems to be emanating from everyone present.

In such fundraisers, people are very accommodating and there's always an abundance of smiles to go around. Mix the festive and excited mood with the sincere, happy smiles of the people in the venue, and what you get is simply a priceless experience.

One of the most memorable fundraisers I have attended last year was the library renovation organized by youth members of our church. The fundraiser was for the refurbishing of the church library, for which the church youth wanted to generate funds and donations for additional computers.

A committee was immediately formed to assist the kids on this project, and soon everybody was excitedly chipping in. Parents and churchgoers who were carpenters, architects and interior decorators readily volunteered to share their skills in redecorating the library. I myself donated my other computer at home and bought a new bookshelf that I had delivered straight to the church library.

It was truly one memorable event. I remember having goose bumps when the newly refurbished church library was finally presented to the guests. The round of applause lasted for about a minute while the kids stood teary-eyed before us. It was such a great accomplishment for them, and seeing how much everyone appreciated the results of their dedication and hard work made all their efforts worthwhile.

I'm expecting to see the same results for the arts and craft activity I'm attending. I know I can play a big part on making this a successful event especially with the coupons allowing me to buy more items at a much lesser price. I can even donate the savings I get from the promo codes or buy more items that the kids will appreciate.

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