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   Magellan's is your source for affordable travel products at affordable prices. Magellan's is an online travel gear specialist, offering a wide array of travel supplies as part of the company's commitment to make travel safer and more convenient. Magellan's operates a couple of stores in California, and also sells their products online at Their products include in flight products such as pillows and blankets, earplugs, eyeshades, DVT prevention, foot rests, and travel guides and books. They also offer clothing, small bags and wallets, luggage, toiletry kits, adaptors & converters, electronics, and other travel accessories.
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Rewarding Travels with Magellan's Coupon Codes

By Alexis Andrews
August 26, 2009

Remember Ferdinand Magellan, the first person ever to lead an expedition across the Pacific Ocean? Oh, he is also only the first to successfully attempt to circumnavigate the earth - no matter that he was killed in the process during the Battle of Mactan in the Philippines. You can travel like Magellan, too, and make your trips round the world more comfortable, safe, rewarding, and cheap. That's because this is Magellan's mission for you: no, not the explorer, but the world's most trusted source of travel supplies.

The store has a huge selection of affordable travel products and services, as well as of priceless add-ons - like the chance to chat with travel gear specialist and to use travel coupon codes - that are sure to make your voyages as affordable as they are memorable. After all, seeing the world should not be exclusive to those people who have cash to splurge. Anyone can and should have the chance to see the world. After all, travel can enrich our lives and help us gain a greater appreciation of people, places, events, and histories of elsewhere. It can open our eyes to things that we will not be able to see if we stay where we are.

Fulfilling travel begins with Magellan's, which one might describe as a store as pioneering as the person after whom it was named. Among the travel supplies that they offer are: luggage, luggage scales and locks, packing organizers, clothes for men and for women, travelers gifts, chargers and batteries, in flight comforts, insect and sun protection, alarm clocks, packs, purses, and totes, shoes, photo and optics, translators, and even toiletry kits. There are also items that have been designed to meet the usual travel needs: things like comfort pillow and travel blankets, water purification, and moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant travel clothing. Of course, you can use Magellan's coupon codes on whatever your purchases are, so you can load up before your voyage or backpacking trip without having to spend more money than you have to.

Magellan's was founded humbly at the kitchen table by two people - John and Gloria McManus - who are travelers as eager and enthusiastic as anyone. Their mission is to provide a source of unique and useful travel products, supported by well-trained travel specialists, and backed by a complete 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Like Magellan, John and Gloria travelled the world extensively, but found themselves frustrated by the inadequate supply of travel products available to customers (after all, you can't get everything in a hotel). So, in 1989, they created a 320-page catalog of hard-to-find travel products, complete with detailed descriptions of each item. These descriptions made it clear how each product addressed the most common travel problems like overseas electrical adaptors and health and hygiene concerns in other parts of the world.

Throughout the growth of Magellan's, one thing remains clear. These people know what they're doing. John and Gloria are consummate travelers, and even they understand how important 100% satisfaction is. Thus, they're generous enough to offer the option to use Magellan's coupon codes, and cheerful enough to offer full refunds to travel customers who aren't happy with their purchases. If these don't make for rewarding travels, I don't know what does.

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Contact Magellan's:

110 W. Sola Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101



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