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   Lumos Labs is a neuroscience research and development company that offers software products for improving brain health and performance. Lumosity is a general brain fitness program that includes brain games and brain training. Lumosity aims to improve memory and attention. It helps users have a clearer and quicker thinking, improved memory for names, numbers, and directions, elevated mood, improved concentration, alertness, and awareness. This brain fitness program was developed by the leading scientists in the field of neuroscience, cognitive psychology and bioinformatics.  

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To live a better life and maintain your brain health, make sure you train through Lumosity. Make sure you use Lumosity and you'll surely enjoy the most effective way to take care of your brain without spending much.

Be Smarter and Think Faster with Luminosity: Brain Games Coupon Codes

By LJ Ortega
July 09, 2009

Intelligence is often associated with brain power or the cognitive ability of the brain to retain large volumes of information and process thought. The brain, though constituting merely two percent of a human’s body weight, is considered as the most important organ in the body because its intricate system of nerves and neurons control all body reflexes, organ and muscle functions, and is basically the reason why we continue to breathe and live.

Keeping the brain healthy and active is among the requirements in keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle. It is important to keep our brain active to enhance our memory and our ability to think faster. Hence, an active brain is the key to being intelligent and smart.

Sadly, the human brain starts to deteriorate and slow down as people age. Studies show that this brain deterioration starts as early as the age of 30. This can be countered by keeping the brain more active to boost brain power, which can be achieved through various brain-enhancing activities such as meditation, reading, writing, painting, and playing brain games and other brain exercises.

Doing crossword puzzles is a great way to boost the brain’s ability to think critically and recall past memories. Another mentally invigorating activity is playing brain-stimulating computer games, which promote quick thinking and enhance essential brain skills.

One great provider of brain games that improve memory attention is Luminosity, a brain training program featuring some engaging brain games and exercises that are developed by neuroscientists. Users of Luminosity’s brain games are said to experience clearer and quicker thinking, increased alertness and awareness, better concentration, enhanced mood, and improved memory for names, numbers and directions.

Luminosity’s scientific brain training games focus on stimulating the mind in an interactive environment. With short games that fit into a daily 10-minute session, Luminosity’s brain exercises are a fast, fun and effective way to improve cognitive performance and brain health.

You can have access to Luminosity’s wide range of scientific brain games at a discounted price by using Luminosity: Brain Games coupon codes, which give you the best deal on your game subscriptions. You can also use your Luminosity: Brain Games promotional codes in giving Luminosity as a gift.

Truly something that can be called a smart gift, your Luminosity gift includes unlimited access to all Luminosity games, features and brain training program. It is one gift that you know will benefit the recipient because it comes with an assurance of faster thinking, enhanced memory, and improved overall brain power.

With your Luminosity: Brain Games coupons, you can save on your subscription on the best of Luminosity’s brain training games, such as Monster Garden (improves memory and attention with a spatial memory task), Word Bubbles (designed to train and improve processing speed and word-finding ability), Bird Watching (improves attention and the ability to process visual information), Lost in Migration (designed to train and improve cognitive control and reaction time), and other helpful brain exercises that are sure to stimulate brain activity.

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Be Smarter and Think Faster with Luminosity: Brain Games Coupon Codes

Contact Lumosity: Brain Games:

500 3rd Street
Suite 235
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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