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By Marian Shepard
November 09, 2009

One of the most common mistakes when buying luggage is false economy - buying cheaper suitcases thinking that you're getting a good bargain when you're really paying for bags that will let you down in the long run.

If you're really watching the bottom line but are in the market for top-quality luggage, A better way of stretching your budget is to avail of online promotions such as coupon codes, which will not only help you save the most amount of money possible but also let you get better quality luggage than you can find at most discount stores.

In general, luggage quality is dictated by the amount of battering it can take in lieu from your home to your destination. Choose a bag that you won't have to replace every year, and already that bag saves you money. If you use coupons, you can save even more on a bag that will serve you well and look good doing so.

When shopping for traveling bags, always make sure to have a checklist of purposes and needs you want your bag to fulfill. Bags should be tailored to your travel needs, meaning you shouldn't have to decide to stay at a hotel instead of backpack into the smaller towns because your luggage can't take the stress of small-vehicle travel.

If you're doing a lot of moving around, a set of luggage with wheels is absolutely essential. Carrying around bulky bags can seriously hamper your travel plans - either by costing you a lot in porter's fees or tiring you out so badly that once you get to where you're going, all you want to do is lie down. You can also injure yourself lifting bags that no person was ever meant to carry when full, and breaking your back while on vacation is never fun at all.

If you do go with a wheeled set, make sure that the handles lock, so that you can push the bag in front of you as opposed to pulling it behind you as you walk. This increases the safety value of your luggage - you can keep an eye on it while you walk down crowded streets and possibly avoiding some enterprising soul pilfering your bags while you're looking the other way.

All luggage comes in two kinds of cases - soft and hard. The hard shelled bags are great for keeping your breakable belongings safe from hard knocks during travel, but are heavier and consume more space in storage. Soft-shell bags still afford you some protection for your belongings, but not as much, although they do make up for it by folding away when you don't need them anymore and being lighter and easier to move around.

Whatever luggage you choose, make sure that you keep in mind that travel is made a breeze with the right set of luggage, and a nightmare with the wrong ones. Buy the best quality you can afford, and don't forget to use coupon codes when shopping so that you can avail of even lower prices on top-quality luggage.

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