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Helpful Tips and Coupon Codes for Luggage Shopping

By Alexis Andrews
October 01, 2008

It’s difficult to look for luggage – no matter what kind of traveler you are. With varying demands, amid rising prices everywhere, anyone shopping for the perfect and most appropriate bag for travel can easily be weighed down by the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) heavy mantle on the shoulder. That is why we here at Coupon Saver are offering you some helpful tips – and good ol’, money-saving coupon codes – for when you make a trip to the luggage shop.

It’s important to bear in mind that your destination greatly influences your packing strategies – as does the duration of your stay. Think about where you are going, find out what exactly your agenda is, and, from there, make an informed choice of what you will bring with you. The To-Bring list for a month-long getaway to Southeast Asia will differ greatly from that which you will make for a planned business trip that lasts less than a week. A simple carry-on bag or a small wheeled or spinner suitcase may be most appropriate if you’re going to be out for just a few days; these bags usually facilitate easy overhead storage and are lightweight enough for multiple leg journeys.

If you’re going to be out for more than a week, however, then it would probably be better to shop for a duffel bag. Duffels normally fit more stuff than does a backpack, and are very durable for travel anywhere. Throw in a tote or satchel if you want to look fashionable hand-carrying personal items.

Also, you’ve got to pay attention to the fact that airlines are charging more and more for baggage. Is it ever worth it to pay the premium? Not that you will be left with no choice. There’s plenty of cheap, high-quality luggage out there – like from e-Bags and Luggage Guy, among many stores. The key is to shop for the bag (or bags) that accommodates your needs (including budget-related ones), and which fits your sense of style the best. Are you a university student who needs a backpack for a camping trip? Maybe you’re a laptop-brandishing business executive looking for an elegant computer case? Is your family going on a vacation outdoors and do you think a wheeled city bag is in order? Think about where you are going, and then determine the baggage that would be necessary for you to carry.

Remember: expensive luggage from designer brands does not guarantee quality. There are lesser known brands out there that might suit your travels better. Many suitcases, for example, are made to offer expandability, so that you get that additional space you need for packing a paperback, a laptop, camera equipment, or your multi-inch-thick diaries. And if you decide to shop online, then at the very least take advantage of great deals by using coupon codes for your luggage purchase. Because whoever you are and whatever type of luggage you think suits you, there will always be great ways to lighten your load. After all, You wouldn’t want to carry anything with a heavy price tag.



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