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   Love Sac is the hip alternative to your dull furniture store. Love Sac features these excellent and superior bean bags and on-of-a-kind sofa alternative that's not only comfortable and functional but their designs are edgy and stylish as well. Their furniture always have the kind of fun and amazing twist to it that you've always been looking for. Love Sac are defined by their amazing cover fabric that is beyond anyody's guess. Love Sac furnitures are all are made from their fabric known to be the softest, extremely durable and has a great resistance to stain. The best part of it is that the cover fabrics are removable, interchangeable, and washable. They have all the best features and so much more. Love Sac even protects its loyal customers with a 3 year warranty for defects.
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Nothing says revolutionary furniture than a Love Sac one-of-a-kind piece. Own one now at a price that fits you with coupon codes! Decorate your living space with the trendiest bean bag and couches with online deals. Coupons: Helping You Create Cozy Comfort in Your Home For Less

By Marian Shepard
January 05, 2010

A new design trend is sweeping the nation, and manufacturers and retailers are helping it by offering more affordable items with the use of online promotions, such as coupons. Many people are becoming less satisfied with the usual sad, staid, stoic rooms and super-functional furniture without any personality.

Family rooms, bachelor pads, bedrooms, and dorm rooms across the US are getting makeovers - people want rooms that feel inviting, that make guests feel at home and comfortable, and that they can come home to at the end of a long day and just relax.

This consumer clamor for a more "homey" feeling has given rise to a new breed of furniture. Mellowed-out versions of the overstuffed, high-backed chairs of old, they come in a range of colors and textures, and utilize modern technology so that not only are they nice to look at, but they are also exquisitely comfortable. Many of them are eco-friendly, and a lot of them are inexpensive, especially considering that manufacturers and retailers offer special online promotional codes to encourage consumers to purchase these new products.

Of course, reigning over this new breed of plump, padded and plush furniture is the ultimate in lounge gear - the beanbag. But not as it was before, oh no. It has been redesigned to be form chairs, sofas, and pillowy-soft cushions. There are even humongous beanbags that allow as many as three people to loll around in utter comfort. The beanbag has also gotten a makeover, and most can be found covered in plush fabrics in luxurious colors.

If you're seeking to create a cozy and comfy room where everyone will want to stay, remember these simple tips:

· Do away with clutter. A disorganized space is hardly inviting. Remove all visual clutter from the room you're decorating, and find storage solutions that work well with your design, such as wicker baskets that match your color scheme.

· Rethink your furniture. Try purchasing a couple of inviting pieces inexpensively with coupons and see the immediate difference they make in a room.

· Create conversation nooks. Grouping comfy chairs together in little groups gives off the feeling of intimacy and togetherness. It also helps make large rooms seem less intimidating.

· Remember the power of color. Don't use bright, blaring colors like neon, or baby colors like pastels. Think rich earth tones, muted colors, and solid patterns. However, remember to keep something bright in the room scheme, preventing the space from ending up looking drab and dreary.

· Don't forget proper ventilation. Comfy does not equate to stuffy. Make sure that the windows are not covered by overly stifling curtains, and that there is a lot of natural light and, when the weather permits, a lot of natural breezes.

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