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   Lenovo is one of the largest computer hardware and electronics company in the world. Founded in Beijing 1984, Lenovo has grown into a multinational juggernaut in the electronics industry. The company is known for selling computers and also markets the ThinkPad, a popular line of laptops and notebooks. Lenovo offers notebooks, tablets, desktop computers, workstations, servers, storage devices, accessories, and upgrades. They also offer solutions for home office, small business, commercial customers and large businesses. In addition to ThinkPad, Lenovo also markets the ThinkCentre, a line of desktop computers. The company also offers warranty and protection services, and tablet services.
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Get the Best Value on Laptop and Desktop Computers with Lenovo eCoupon Codes

By LJ Ortega
May 22, 2009

Computers are now inherent in the lives of millions of people around the world. Many of us can't spend the day without taking a glimpse at our computer to check our emails or to do some work-related or personal tasks. There are people who spend almost all of their waking hours sitting in front of computers. Much of our lifestyles are now reliant on technology, and computers are among the indispensable elements in people's lives.

I myself am so strongly reliant on computers that I sometimes feel that my electronic notebook is taking over my life instead of me controlling it. I just feel uneasy if a couple of hours go by without me going online to check my emails and my instant messages. If I'm in the middle of nowhere, I try to find a Wi-Fi zone so I can connect to the Internet and do my regular online routines.

My laptop is also among my most important must-haves in my client meetings because I have the habit of popping it open to show my business companions the presentations or whatever files I have on my hard disk or portable memory to emphasize my point or for illustrative purposes. I'm always known to have a laptop computer with me so that my companions often don't bother to bring theirs and just have their USB devices ready to be inserted in my computer whenever they have anything to show in our meetings.

I actually have several laptop and desktop computers in my possession. I have two desktop computers at home, one for my personal use and the other one for the kids to play games on. There are times when both my two kids want to play computer games at the same time and they fight over who's going to use the desktop computer. When this happens, I just let the other one use my own desktop computer and I just revert to either one of my two laptops.

Sometimes I feel that we're losing some precious bonding time because we're each busy with our own worlds in front of our respective computer screens. But it also becomes one unconventional bonding time for us especially when we all choose to play online games together. We may be busy seated at our individual computer stations but somewhere in cyberspace we are all together playing online games with each other. It actually is a lot of fun, and the best about it is that we get to discuss it over dinner once we're done playing with each other. Those are priceless moments, in my opinion.

Anyway, I'm planning to get another laptop computer which I can give to my elder daughter on her birthday. That way, she'll have her own computer that she can bring with her anywhere. Besides, it will free up our other desktop computer at home so that she will not have to fight over it with her sister. I'm availing of some big discount on my laptop purchase.

Using Lenovo coupon codes will indeed give me great value because I will have access to Lenovo's cutting-edge lineup of reliable and high-quality personal computers and accessories at the most competitive and affordable price. I'm sure my daughter will be very pleased with my birthday gift for her, but I also have to please myself first with the great discount I will get to avail through the Lenovo promotional codes I plan to use.

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