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   Le Méridien is a global hotel group with a portfolio of more than 120 luxury and upscale hotels in over 50 countries worldwide. Majority of its properties are located in the world’s top cities and resorts throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Le Meridien allows its customers too book early at different Le Meridien hotels and other hotels from Starwood Hotels & Resorts around the globe, including Westin, Four Points, The Luxury Collection, Sheration Hotels, and more. At Le Meridien, you can also hold meetings, from an informal conference to a large social function, business incentive or media launch.
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Enjoy your travel and stay in the prestigious hotels of Le Meridien by booking early at discounted rates. Simply make use of Le Meridien promotion codes to get promo and hotel deals that will save you more money.

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By LJ Ortega
July 29, 2009

My birthday is coming up and my husband has just told me that he's treating me to an out of the country vacation as his birthday present. Of course, I was absolutely thrilled when he told me about it. He knows how much I love to travel and I know that he really wants me to be happy on my birthday by giving me such an awesome birthday gift. What makes it even more wonderful is that he's giving me the complete freedom to choose the destination of our out of the country trip.

Since my husband is letting me choose where to spend my birthday vacation, I volunteered to make all the arrangements so he need not bother about booking our flights and hotels. This way, I can better plan our trip and look for ways to save money so that my husband wouldn't have to spend so much on his birthday present for me. I'm happy enough that he thought of giving me a vacation I've always wanted to have. The least I could do to express my gratitude is to lessen the expenses as much as I can.

Besides, among the two of us, I'm really the one who is more adept with scheduling, booking, and budgeting. He knows it's my turf and he's more than willing to leave it up to me. He just asked me to inform him once I've finalized our booking so he could prepare.

It didn't take me long to decide where I want to spend my birthday vacation because there's one country I've been dreaming of visiting ever since I saw the tour photos of one of my friends last year. The country I really want to visit is Italy, particularly wanting to bask in the glorious beauty of Rome. I could hardly take my eyes off the photos my friend showed me after they got back from Rome last year, and I've been picturing myself being in their place in the photos back then. As I looked at each of those photos that showed the medieval richness of so many areas in Rome, I told myself that I would tour it someday.

And now the time has come for me to finally set foot in the country I've longed to visit since last year. With Rome in mind, I searched for hotel coupons and found some Le Meridien coupon codes that offer big discounts on hotel accommodations in all Le Meridien hotels around the world.

We can use the Le Meridien promotional codes to save on our booking at the Le Meridien hotel in Rome. I also saw that there's a Le Meridien hotel in Milan, Italy so we can also move there in case we want to be closer and tour other places in Italy.

As early as now, I'm getting really excited with our upcoming trip to Italy. I'm sure my husband will be delighted that we will be saving money with the Le Meridien promo codes I found, just as I'm sure that we'll be having a grand time enjoying my birthday gift.

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