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   LAN Airlines is Chile's flag carrier and one of the largest airlines in Latin America. LAN offers flights to Latin America, United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Oceania, and Europe. LAN Airlines' website allows you to plan and book your flights online, including check-in, flight status, seat selection ticket printing, reservation payments, flight changes, refunds, baggage info, and many other services. LAN Airlines offers world class services to passengers. They provide food, blankets, pillows, head phones, in-flight entertainment and many more. LAN's premium business class and economy class features an elite personal entertainment system, including individual high definition flat screen TVs for every seat.
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LAN Airlines US Coupons for the Best South American Travel Deals

By LJ Ortega
November 29, 2009

I have just realized how much children hold on to a promise given to them especially if it concerns something that they are very excited about. My seven-year-old daughter Janey has never stopped nagging me about the promise I nonchalantly made to her last Christmas.

My sister, who moved to Argentina after she married her second husband, flew home with her entire family last year to spend the holidays with us. Janey had really bonded with her cousins during the entire week that they were here. Many times over dinner that time, the kids had talked about the places they'd been to and Janey would always have that wistful look on her face whenever the conversation drifted to the subject of airplane trips.

Janey did have her own share of vacation stories that her cousins found amusing, but somehow she started saying that the previous vacations were not as splendid as she used to think because they were all "road trips" and did not concern any air travel.

During our Christmas dinner, Janey called to me from across the table and asked if we could fly to Argentina for next Christmas. I answered with a casual "we'll see" but Janey wouldn't settle for anything less than a yes. And because I was in the middle of a conversation with my sister and brother-in-law while feeding my son Kyle on his highchair, I just uttered a thoughtless "okay" so that Janey would turn back to her cousins.

And now, almost a year since my sister and her family flew back to Argentina and weeks before the holidays, Janey is as persistent as ever. I've heard her brag to her friends and classmates countless times that I'm giving her the best Christmas gift ever this year because she will finally get to fly in an airplane. And because I've also realized that I just can't break my daughter's heart, I started canvassing for some airline discount offers. I talked to my sister the today and she advised me to avail of LAN Airlines US coupon codes because that's where I'll get the best deals in airline fares. Leave it to my discount-conscious sister to know all about sales and promotional coupons.

So it looks like we are really going to fly to Argentina for the holidays. My husband will need to stay behind because his work responsibilities just wouldn't allow him to be away from the office very long even during the holidays. But he has expressed his full support for my and the kids' trip to Argentina. He said it would be one Christmas adventure to remember. He's also delighted when he found out how much we can save from our airfare by using the LAN Airlines US coupons suggested by my sister. When he saw the savings the LAN Airlines US promo codes offered, all he could say was "Go for it!"

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