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   J&R is a popular retail store offering the best in electronics and computers. With low prices and a wide selection of products, J&R is a leading provider of top quality electronics and gadgets in the market. J&R offers audio products such as MP3 players, Internet radios, headphones, receivers, speakers and more. They also offer TVs, cameras, computers, software, office products, housewares, games, movies, music and more. The company is also an authorized dealer of top manufacturers such as Brother, Asus, Apple, Electronic Arts, D-Link, Belkin, Acer, Microsoft, Pioneer, Panasonic, Garmin and much more.  

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J&R Coupons for the Best Prices in Audio Gadgets

By LJ Ortega
November 28, 2009

I was surfing through some online promo deals when a couple of J&R coupon codes caught my attention. The J&R coupons offered some of the best deals on a wide range of audio gadgets, including MP3 players and accessories, Internet radio, car electronics receivers, speakers, and many more.

I have to admit that seeing the MP3 players brought to mind a nephew of mine who is admittedly my favorite among my eldest sister's brood of two boys and one girl. Other people might predict that I would be most fond of my niece, if only for being the only girl, but it is actually my sister's firstborn son who is closest to me.

I would say that this fondness is due to the fact that I have spent so much time with this nephew and I've seen him grow before my eyes, much more than his other siblings. The strong affection and fondness I had for him back when he was the only nephew I had, long before his brother and sister were born, has remained through the years and was unaffected by the birth of his siblings. I'm also fond of my other nephew and niece, his brother and sister, but I just can't help it if he remains to be my favorite.

Anyway, this favorite nephew of mine is now 14 years old and is getting more charming and handsomer by the day. And not only that, he's also the smartest and most talented 14-year old boy I know. I don't share his taste in music though. I just don't get the loud, music he listens to and the incomprehensible language that goes along with it. However, I must say that I admire it when he tries to do his own rendition of the songs he listens to, rapping the words in an unimaginable speed but not losing the gripping rhythm and tempo that keeps my attention hooked. He just has his way of performing his favorite hip-hop music that makes it more bearable and less headache-inducing as their original versions.

I remembered him when I saw the J&R promo codes online. They easily provided the perfect gift idea for his upcoming birthday next week. Though he's not having a birthday party, he's still expecting gifts from everyone, especially from his favorite aunt whom he's been nagging to buy him a new MP3 player.

So it looks like I'm really going to avail of the J&R coupon codes so that I could enjoy a great discount on the MP3 player I'm going to give as a birthday gift. Clearly, my favorite nephew had got me wrapped around his little finger and I just can't resist anything that he asks of me, especially if it's something that I can buy at a discounted price using some promotional codes.

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J&R Coupons for the Best Prices in Audio Gadgets

Contact J&R:

23 Park Row
New York, NY 10038



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